Sunday, 18 May 2014

Didn't it Rain!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles again!

Well, what a day we have had! First of all we went out good and early, mainly because The Missus was up early bashing about making a mirror frame thingy wotssit for her 'Master Class' and of course, when she starts tramping up and down the caravan, no one sleeps, not even the ferrets!

Old Two Legs gave the ferrets a run around the field and they enjoyed a good sniff around the rock pile. Miss MacSnowflake reckons that before long there will be Weasels or Stoats taking up residence there!

It was starting to rain, so they didn't stay out too long, just enough to do their business and scarper back to the Travel Cage which was now in the caravan with fresh water and food all ready for them!

Then it was our turn, off we went down to Loch Frisa and parked up there and wandered across the road to where we had been before, no Eagles or such!

OTL found a very small waterfall, well, it really wasn't a waterfall, more of a water dribble down the rocks, but he thought it looked interesting, so he took a picture!

More of a Dribble!

Just above where the waterfall was, a rock was protruding from the earth and on top of the rock there was a Wheatear in all his finest breeding colours! He looked really smart and OTL tried to get a close picture of him but he got a bit worried and flew off!

'er be a Wheatear!
MacHolly and I found a load of Mole Hills by the side of the roadway, I said that it was impossible for one mole to have dug all those but OTL said that as the hills were in tow lines, it was most likely that it was one very industrious mole!

One Mole did all This?
MacHolly and I were investigating a load of bushes by the side of a small stream and suddenly there was a flurry of flapping and squawking! I must say it surprised us both and we decided to get out before we came to any harm!

We're not daft you know, we've heard tales of these Wild Haggis's!

It's a Flying Wild Haggis!
OTL was laughing and said it was a bird, well, it could have been a Wild Flying Haggis!

There be rain coming!
The rain had started to come down now, so it was a quick rush back to the car and home to the caravan for a good rub down and some breakfast.

You know, we spent all day looking out of the window at the rain, it didn't stop all day or all night!

The awning developed a big 'Droop' as it filled with water and TM broke or 'Ball Throwing Stick' trying to push the water off!

Outside the green grass has tuned to green water and when OTL goes out to get some water he has to get dressed in all his weatherproof gear!

So, at the moment we are going a little 'Stir Crazy' and we are actually looking forward to riding with OTL down to the Bakers to post this blog!

His afternoon OTL says we can go out to Derviag for a run on the beach, if it's not raining too much!

Even the ferrets are looking forward to a ride out!

See you all tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!


  1. Oh poor things, sitting inside looking out, hope the weather gets better soon for you all. Now, if TM broke your toy, can't she use some of her strong glue to fix it for you? Tell her next time there's a droop to use one of her crafting tools instead. So you've come across a wild flying haggis, thank goodness you got away. Loved the pictures. You need to tell TM you're on your hols so no tramping up and down the caravan until a decent time. Hope you managed to get your run on the beach this afternoon. Wonder what MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles will make of it, I bet it'll be different from the beach at home. Looking forward to your next adventures :) xxxx

  2. Oh dear, those wild flying haggis are the worst sort you can find, be very careful and don't go poking your noses in their den! Even without pictures I can imagine McOTL in his All Weather Gear going out to fetch water, as if you needed more water. xxxx