Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Getting ready to go!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

It's been a Busy, Busy, day today. Old Two Legs has been getting all his stuff sorted out before we go away on holiday. Holly and I have been making sure all our stuff is packed, swimming costume, wellies, rain coat, Chicken Fillets, Chews, Teeth Cleaning Chews, Choc Drops, Rawhide Chews, Oh! The list is endless!

OTL is trying to choose which camera and what lens to take 'cos there is no room in the car for all his camera stuff, two ferrets and us woofers and we haven't decided where The Missus is going yet!

We were out good and early for our stroll along The Sea Wall, Miss Snowflake was busting for a wee and kept asking if we were there yet!

Oh! Come On! It can't be much further!
Thankfully it wasn't and pretty soon she was feeling more comfortable!

OTL did his Ethereal Thing Again, he's getting just too boring and we are going to tell him if he tries it any more!

The Last Ethereal?
 Miss Snowflake found a lump of wood and was trying to decide what to do with it, first of all she suggested it might be a good Surf Board!

Ideal for 'Catching a Wave'!
Mr Brambles said that with a bit of work with his hammer and chisel and a bit of scratching with his claws, he could produce a reasonable boat!

...and this where the mast goes, see?
 They couldn't decide, so Mr Brambles wandered over to Holly and me and suggested a race down the beach.

OTL said he would do the count down for us. So, we all got ready.........

On your Marks, get set...............!
Mr Brambles cheated a bit 'cos he whispered that Miss Snowflake was behind me and by the time I had turned around to see if she was, Mr Brambles was tearing down the beach to the winning post!

I said it didn't count 'cos he cheated and he said I was just a bad looser!

Lunch time there were loads of Two Legs on the beach, some just enjoying the sun and others digging holes!

Aren't you supposed to be at work?
 You would think it was holiday time the way they were all lying about over the place and getting in our way!

Oi! Your in My Way!
 In the end I got fed up and went for a paddle so that the next Two Legs I met, I could walk over them with my wet paws!
OK, OK, I know it's Muddy but............I've got a plan!
Pity, we didn't bump into any more Two Legs spread out all over the path!

Shame really!

After our walk we headed off down to the caravan shop to get a new lock for the caravan 'cos the old one was getting a bit worn.

So now we have a new lock and another key to put on the key ring!

Tomorrow we start to load the caravan with all the stuff we need, so early to bed tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Daisy, you make sure you get all your stuff in first, that TM will be taking up all the room otherwise. Can't TM just travel in the caravan at the table, she could do her crafting while she travels........ that would leave more room for you, Holly, Snowflake & Mr Brambles in the car with OTL. He needs you lot to tell him the way and make suggestions if he gets lost. Failing that has he thought of a double decker caravan? Glad you all had a good time down at the beach, what a shame those TL's got in your way..... some people have no consideration. I'd have gone swimming sooner then shook myself on them. Enjoy your early night. Make sure you and Holly stand by the caravan with your check list for feeding bowl, water bowl, scoff, treats, beds and cushions, balls, collars etc. Don't accept any excuses for leaving any of you treasure behind. xxxx

  2. That is some list of essentials you are taking, not one whiff of glitter and glue but then I forgot your surprise for TM when you wave her goodbye at Strood Station, you have remembered to buy her a ticket, don't say you have forgotten!! A lovely bit of wood for a boat they found today, it will go very well with your boat in the front garden. Lovely pictures today, OTL is having trouble deciding which lens to leave at home, it will be the one he wants so tell him to take the one he is going to leave behind and leave another one behind then when he curses for having the wrong one it won't be your fault. Does TM have any spare bottom in her luggage for extra lenses? If she had a smaller tent she would be able to carry more of OTL's stuff. Only trying to help............. Hope you had a nice sleep and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, have a really lovely holiday. xxxx

  3. Loading the caravan then, this must be that you are all on the move soon,? It will be a bit like a traveling circus, you could get TM to make you some signs and put on a show whilst you travel north. This way TM can buy you some decent food whilst you are away. We are going west so we wont meet on the road or maybe on the M25. I am taking all my lenses as my setup is a bit smaller that OTL's. Have fun. XXXX