Wednesday, 7 May 2014

More Games in the Caravan!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

We are still busy getting all our stuff together for the holiday! Old Two Legs did a repair on one of the roof blinds that didn't last, so today he was out there making a proper job of it this time!

When he was going out to the caravan he asked if we wanted to go with him, of course we do but before we got into the caravan we legged it over to Auntie Sheila's place to say 'Hello'!

We were sort of in trouble but it didn't last long! The blind was fixed and then we were off to The Beach!

It was good fun down there and the sun was shining as well!

Sunny Morning.
 We were all having fun, the ferrets were digging holes while Holly and I raced up and down the beach kicking up the sand.

Playing Chase with Holly!
 I suddenly got a fancy for a morning swim and called out to OTL to throw a stick for me but he said that I was not going to make the inside of the car soaking wet!

So, I just stood there and said I wouldn't come out until he threw a stick!
So, I stood there, in the water while they all started to head back to the car.

And I stayed,

and I stayed,

and I stayed!

Is that a Soppy Puppy or Wot?
Back home it was back to work again while Holly and I had our morning snooze!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and we came across a group of Two Legs who were taking photos of some models.

One of the models wanted to stroke Holly but as he didn't have and food with him, Holly said there was no chance of a stroke!

A Bunch of Posers with no food!
Holly said that they couldn't be that good 'cos they didn't have sandwich between them!

It was when Holly came trotting along, she said that she looked better than all of them put together!

I'm better looking!
 OTL spotted a rose growing wild alongside the path and stopped to take a picture, looks good!

Growing wild along side the path to the car park.
 The rest of the afternoon was spent delivering stuff and shopping. The best bit was when we went to the Doggy Shop and emptied the shelf of Chicken Fillets!

It's going to be a good holiday!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Daisy you do make me laugh with your blogs. Did auntie Sheila let you in when you went to say hello? I think I would have and then told OTL I hadn't seen you ;) So how long did you stay waiting for OTL to throw a stick and did he in the end? Holly is quite right, she is much better looking than those sarnie less models. I'm surprised the photographer didn't send the models away and start taking pics of you. I reckon he couldn't have been much of a photographer either, no where near the standard of OTL. Loved todays pics, the sunny scene, you lot on the beach, the beautiful rose. Now that's what I call real photography with proper models, not these skinny sorts that are starved. It's good to hear the chicken fillet shelf has been cleared and that the fillets are heading away on holiday with you. Happy muggings tonight, p.s. don't forget to tell OTL you need to do a quality control check on those fillets, just in case they're not up to standard :) xxxx

  2. Hello my little furry blogger before I go away again I shall set off on my travels through your travels and see what you have been up to.

  3. Beautiful roses on the path, clever OTL to spot them. You look as though you got your feet wet so you didn't tell us how cross OTL was, meany for not throwing a stick. Now the Doggie shop is clean out of chicken fillets, his fault should have known you were off on your travels and bought in a case load as a holiday present, OTL spends alot in there.