Saturday, 17 May 2014

Swimming Ferrets and TM Sails Away!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles back again!

Last night The Missus announces to us all that she is 'Going into Oban' to have a look around a 'Craft Shop'!

A forty five minute ferry journey and a half an hour car ride just to look at 'Craft Shop', yeah, that's what we thought as well!

So, up early for our morning walk before taking TM to the Docks!

Instead of going back to the hill with the Communication Towers, Old Two Legs decided that a trip alongside Loch Frisa would be fun, especially as there may be some Sea Eagles nesting up there!

Well MacHolly and I fell out of the car and woofed at some rabbits on the path who took one look at us and scampered back down their rabbit holes!

MacHolly and I carried on up the road laughing and telling OTL that all the eagles had run away now that MacHolly and I were here!

'Who's afraid of the Big Bad Eagle'!
That was until we turned the corner and there, up in the air, gliding around looking for some early morning breakfast was a Sea Eagle!

'Some One Call?
Not only did we have an Eagle looking for a pair of tasty puppies, there, up the road a bit and heading towards us what what MacHolly said looked like a Nargle!

Is it a Nargle?
That was it, we were back down the path and heading towards the car, like, Quick!

OTL said that it was a road roller, rolling down the new road surface but MacHolly and I didn't care, we were off!

We decided that as the sun was coming out, we would go on the path on the other side of the road leaving the Eagles and Loch to itself!

You can keep Loch Frisa!
Over the other side of the road the sun came out and we had a great time chasing some rabbits, until OTL reminded us that we had to take TM to the Docks!

No Eagles or Nargles, just Rabbits!
Well, we made it, just! The ferry had pulled in and was off loading the day trippers so TM got her tickets and waved us goodbye and headed for the 'Lounge Bar' which she says served coffee but we think it was the Vodka she was after!

We stood on the shoe at Grass Point and waved to her as she headed off to Oban!

Bye, Bye, TM
Both ferrets were out of the 'Carry Cage' and we scrambling over the rocks having a great time. OTL told them to be careful they didn't fall into any of the rock pools, as if!

We are too sure footed to fall in!
It wasn't long before we heard 'SPLASH!'

Yep! Miss MacSnowflake had fallen in! Mind you, she is a good swimmer, it was that she just didn't know it, until today!

Look! I'm Swimming!
MacHolly and I were laughing about hat when we heard another 'SPLASH!' and saw Mr McBrambles finding out that he also can swim!

Well, That Was Easy!
They both got out of the water and headed for OTL who gave them a rub down and a cuddle and they retired to the cage for a little roll around in the blanket!

MacHolly and I played on the beach, chasing each other and digging holes!

Catch Me if You Can!
It wasn't long before the ferrets came out and we all had a game running on the grass and sniffing the sniffs!

Playing Again!
It wasn't too long before we got the telephone call to pick up TM from the Docks where she had landed, then back to the caravan for some dinner!

So, it's an early night for us and sorry the blog is a bite late, the bakers was shut when OTL went down to the shop, we are blaming TM, she should have got the bus back instead of demanding OTL pick her up!

See you all tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!


  1. wow, what a lovely day, you all had some fun. I think you're quite right to get away from the eagles .............. hmmm not sure if that other thing was a nargle ....... think you ought to get OTL to get closer and ask it. Well done Mcferrets for swimming, hope it wasn't too cold. So TM was off for an adventure on her own, did she get much at the craft shop? Is there anything left in the shop for anyone else to buy? Looking forward to seeing what she makes with her new stash. OTL got in some beautiful pictures and what lovely scenery. Looks like you're having some good weather up there. Carry on enjoying all the sniffs and digging. Looking forward to reading more adventures of the MacGodwins. xxxx

  2. Wowser, another digi postcard from the McFurries, wonderful photos, it's doggy paradise up there and even the McFerrets learned something new, fancy that they have been able to swim all this time and they only just found out!! That circling Eagle looked a bit threatening, girlies glad you ran for cover .... but then you nearly got crushed by a road roller pretending to be a Nargle...phew....thank goodness the Ethereals were having a lie in. Fancy TM having to go by boat to the nearest craft shop ... these crafters will go through Hell & High water once they get a sniff of a craft shop. My TM goes craft shopping and comes back with a few things in a carrier bag but her outsize handbag is bulging with what she calls 'Stuff' . :) Well McFurries the sun is shining down here on the mainland so I am off to lie in the shade under our tree...speak to you soon xxx Jasper and her indoors xx

  3. What a fabulously exciting day you have had and TM going on that big cruise ship, fancy visiting a craft shop, you didn't tell on her and tell us how much "stuff" she bought and who else is sleeping in the awning now there is less room in the caravan. Fancy, now McHolly is the only one who can't swim, come on McHolly get your water wings sorted out. xxxx