Monday, 5 May 2014

We are International!

Hi Woofers!

Привет всем нашим читателям в России!
Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!
Hey, did you know we have many readers in Russia? Well we do. When we look at our 'Stats' there is a large number of people in Russia who read 'The Diary'. So, with the help of the Google Translator we have just said Hello' to our readers in Russia, in Russian!

Now who's a clever Woofer?

Back to home, that Daisy dog had a surprise yesterday, her owners came back late afternoon, so that means we don't have to put up with her trying too pinch our seats in the car today!

The ferrets were please 'cos that also means they get their morning walk at the proper time and not halfway through the morning after the other Daisy was put back in her home!

This morning we were out early and guess what Old Two Legs spotted?

Fox Cubs!
Now you have got to remember that he only has the 35mm lens on the camera, so he couldn't zoom in like wot he can with the big lens!

Holly asked if they tasted like chicken and can we have a bite to try? OTL said that where there is young foxes there would be a Mummy Fox who wouldn't like us sniffing around! 

We thought that was a sensible observation and headed down to The Beach!

Before we got to the beach OTL got all artistic and started talking about these mythical Ethereal Things again!

I don't care what he says, I still can't see an Ethereal anywhere!
To be honest, we think he is seeing fairies, too much malt whisky and shortbread!

Mr Brambles could be heard going Yahoo and Wheeeeeee! Then we spotted him bouncing around in some dry grass cuttings!

As Holly said, 'Soppy Ferret'!

 Down on the beach we were all having a sniff around then someone asked, 'OK, Who's got the ball?

If Daisy was here there would be one!
Along the beach the ferrets spotted a log half way up to the high tide mark. 'Come On' says Miss Snowflake give it a shove and we'll roll it back down the hill!

Sorry Dear, it just 'aint moving!
Back home Auntie Karen (The Cat Woman) had arrived to play glue slapping with The Missus.

Holly said the safest place to be was outside catching up on a sun tan!

An that's just where she stayed for most of the morning while OTL was doing some jobs in the caravan before we go away on our holiday!

This is the best place to be!
Mind you, Holly had to keep going up the end of the garden 'cos the sound of the water fountain tinkling away played games with her bladder!

Tinkle, Tinkle, little dog!
So, we are still working hard, well OTL is, he was last seen adjusting the hinges on the bathroom door in the caravan!

More work tomorrow and then The Missus goes in to fill it full of 'Important Things' like glue and glitter and paper and card and Distress Inky Pads and bottles of 'Splosh' paint!

Увидимся завтра!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely day. Well Daisy, we always knew you were a clever girl, but speaking Russian, well I just think you're a little genius. Archie is well impressed, he's only done his first ever guarding woof today.
    What beautiful pictures, loved the little cubs ......... I think you did quite right listening to OTL about a mummy fox being around close by. Those poor ferrets will have to build up their strength to move logs. What does Holly look like sitting on the chair in the sun, queen of the garden. Brilliant blog as ever. Have a lovely evening and hopefully OTL will share his shortbread tonight. :) xxxx

  2. What a great idea to write in Russian, I do hope you don't get any replies in Russian! Love Holly on the chair, is there only one chair in your house if not then why did you not get a chance to sun yourselves on a soft cushioned chair? The fountain looks good, I wonder if it is still working on solar power! Lovely pictures, a happy little band and nice to see the fox cubs. xxxx

  3. Hi All, lovely blog and smashing shot of the fox cubs, not a bad one of Mr Brambles and Miss Smowflake trying to shift that log. Holly getting a sun tan, which factor does she use Daisy and does it smell like chicken? xxxx