Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Holly gets wet, but so does OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Another glorious day full of sunshine and fun!

Last night I decided to play a joke on Old Two Legs. This time of the year he suffers from terrible hay fever and has taken to sleeping with the duvet over his face, to keep the bright sun light out of his eyes, (It gets light at three you know!) and the pollen from flying up his nose!

Well, around one thirty, Holly and I had just finished our 'Puppy Patrol' and were about to go to sleep when I got this terrible urge to give OTL's ear a lick, just to make him feel better!

You know what it is like, the urge just wouldn't go away! So, up I gets onto the bed, walked around until I was sitting on his shoulder and then I raked the duvet away off his face and gave his ear a really good lolloping lick!

After I had finished and he had stopped grumbling, I settled down to sleep.

That was until about three fifteen, it started again, that little voice in my ear that said 'Go on, do it again!'

So I did!

You know, OTL got up late this morning, seems like he didn't get his full eight hours sleep last night, dunno why not!

Down on the beach the ferrets were having fun chasing things under the sea weed. Mr Brambles said they were all sort of wet and wriggly!

It was here, just here, all wet and wriggly!
That was it, next thing both he and Miss Snowflake were charging around the sea weed, it was just like Holly and me when we are chasing the rabbits around!

They were fighting each other to get to the 'Wet & Wriggly Thing' and Mr Brambles won 'cos he was heavier!

Of course, while they were fighting each other the 'Wet & Wriggly Thing' got away!

Get out the way, I want it!
Mr Brambles moved off but Miss Snowflake was determined to find the 'Wet & Wriggly Thing' again!

It's here, I just know it's here, I can sniff it!
Holly had been watching all of this and was roaring her head off with laughter. She said that if those ferrets were any pottier she would laugh her tail off!

It's enough to make me laugh my tail off!
 Back home to Doggy Scoff! We reckon that The Missus must think we have done something wrong to feed us such rubbish!

 Lunchtime, the beach called us again, and as the tide was in, I enjoyed a great paddle and you know what? Holly actually paddled out a few steps as well!

How can you say this is fun? It's Wet!
 Of course, I was splashing in and out of the water fetching the stick OTL had found.

Here I come!
My biggest problem was Holly. She was waiting on the beach ready to try to take the stick from me as soon as I got to the beach!

I'm waiting!
 Of course, as soon as I landed there was a tussle and it wasn't until OTL took it that I could let go!

I want it, I want it, I want it!
We had a great time and I got soaked from nose to tail. Holly got her paws and tummy wet!

OTL managed another shot of the insects, there was a Six Spot Burnet and a tiny Soldier Beetle.

More Bugs!
Well, it made his day!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Lovely blog today. Isn't Holly getting brave, I reckon it won't be too long before she gets her back wet. I wonder what the wet wriggly thing was that Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles were on the trail of. Doggie scoff :( yuk, yuk, yuk ........... I hope that OTL finds you something nice for a treat later on today.
    I reckon OTL doesn't really mind you licking his ear during the night, I know a little chap that does that as well, I'm quite pleased he shows how much he loves me, even if I do grumble at him waking me up. Beautiful pictures again today ....... Holly laughing is one of the best. Happy muggings tonight xxxx

  2. Great shot of the insect and Sue said well dine to Holly for getting a bit wet, brave girl. Sorry about OTL and hi fever from the hay, tell him not to go sniffing the hay, what a boy.