Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sunshine and Sniffs today!

Greetings Woofers!

It's us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wot a Super Day today!

We were up good and early so we could watch out for any early morning Two Legs running past our window, late to catch the coach into town, there is always one and both Holly and I woofed him along the road until The Missus started barking at us!

Holly reckons she needs some worming tablets to calm her down!

By the time Old Two Legs was ready to go out the sun had warmed everything up and we were looking forward to some serious Rabbit Chasing!

We got down there but there were no rabbits to be found, mainly because a couple of Bozo Labradors had been through the grass looking for their ball!

Holly said that a Labrador had a very good sense of smell and it was even better than a ferret!

Well, this started off a discussion with the ferrets who claimed they had better sense of smell than any dog, including a Bloodhound, whatever that is!

Miss Snowflake said she would prove it by identifying any footprint we care to point out! Holly, being a Crafty Madam, waited until we were down on the beach before she pointed out a Two Legs boot mark in the sand and invited Miss Snowflake to identify it.

Well, she started off by sniffing the edges around the heel and said that she could sniff dog wee (female) plus a bit of oil from a car and some stony bits from the car park.

Then, sniffing in the centre she said that there was a whiff of cat litter and a slight whiff of ferret wee!

Next she paced out the length of the mark and had a think.......................It's OTL!

I'd know it anywhere!
We all had a good laugh and even Miss Snowflake said it was just too easy!

Mr Brambles said we should try the grass 'cos it had more sniffs and he had sniffed some Adders yesterday and wanted to see if they had come back.

Climbing up the rocks Miss Snowflake was behind Mr Brambles and she reckoned he had let one off!

Of course he denied it but Miss Snowflake was close enough to be affected!

Phew Brambles! You let one go?
We all had good fun finding and identifying sniffs all the way back to the car and Holly said that she could sniff our breakfast being cooked and wanted to get back home as soon as possible!

are you sure it's Weasel?
Back home it was chicken again which we didn't mind really, well anything is better than Doggy Scoff!

Tomorrow we are expecting some more Ox Heart, we know that 'cos we heard TM ordering it up for collection first thing in the morning!

When we went out at lunch time the sun was just beating down and it was so hot that I really fancied a swim. Problem was, no water, nothing, gone!

Now this was just not good enough, I needed to feel some cooling water on my tail!

Then I had an idea!

Oooooooh! That's Better
 It was lovely and cooling on my butt and it was only OTL jumping up and down that spoilt it!

Holly and I thought it would be good fun to put on our 'Cute Face' and see if we could stop him from making all that noise!

I went first.

You can't shout at me, I'm just Too Cute!
 Holly said it was a good try but 'Stand Back and watch a Professional'!

This is the difference between a Professional and a Gifted Amateur!
 I had to admit, she's good!

After most of the mud had dried and fallen off, Holly and I played 'Chase the Stick' and had a great time, until it broke in half!

 We spent some of the afternoon laying around the pond edge watching the Water Boatmen scurrying across the water and there were even some birds we could woof at as well!

Talking of birds, the bird box with the sparrows nest in it shows signs of two eggs, freshly laid. So, OTL is keeping a close watch on it to see what happens. The problem with sparrows is that they make such a messy nest that it covers up the camera OTL mounted in the box and we can't see it all clearly. Still, they make up for it by making a load of noise!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely day, sounds like it was absolute bliss. I reckon Miss Snowflake is right about ferrets sniffing better than dogs. Maybe she should walk in front of Mr Brambles tomorrow. Daisy, weren't you tempted to have a little paddle in the pond? Ox heart sounds good for a decent doggie brekkie. I hear there might be a treat instore for OTL tonight, so if I were you, I'd get my mugging face on. The pictures are beautiful. I don't know how anyone could be cross with those cute little faces. Happy muggings tonight girls. Looking forward to tomorrows blog, hope the weather stays nice and the water comes back :) xxxx

  2. Well done Sherlock Snowflake, keep up practising and you will be able to join the Special Constabulary. Lovely Cute Faces from both of you, you know how to do cute and a nice meal of ox heart will do you so much good. TM has been shouting at you for woofing when you were only encouraging the late comers, serves them right they should get up early like you and OTL. It's a pity that Holly doesn't take your lead and have a little paddle she would find it so nice on her paws, you look like you were enjoying it. Have a lovely day Friday, the weatherman said it will be nice and warm but Saturday doesn't look good. bo hoo. xxxx