Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Day of Bugs and F1!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back on a cloudy Saturday!

Last night was good, not to hot and both Holly and I slept downstairs on the sofa. Mind you, we both were up early to wake Old Two Legs in time for him to take The Missus off to her 'Master Class' she is running today.

Instead, TM was up and running about when we woke up and you know what? She had loaded the car up, shipped all the stuff up to the village hall and was back before OTL sat down to breakfast with the ferrets!

Down on the Sea Wall we met up with a rabbit, sitting in the middle of the path, all big and bold as brass!

Holly did her 'Sneaky Sneaky, Creepy Creepy' but the rabbit got a sniff of Holly and that was it, he was off like a streak of light!
OK Rabbit, stay just there!
Down on the beach Mr Brambles was taking the mickey out of Holly by following her about and saying 'Take Me To Your Leader'!

Follow My Leader!
Miss Snowflake was more interested in trying to climb the Sea Wall but she said that she may need some extra equipment!

Ropes and crampons me thinks!
Back at home we were watching the F1 Practise but we all fell asleep until just before one when my body clock told me it was time for a walk!

The only problem was, the Qualifying was about to begin! OTL asked me how I managed to time it so that my desire to go for a walk coincided with something interesting on the television?

I told him, Easy!

It had stopped raining and we had a pleasant walk and there were some interesting sniffs as well.

I can see OTL!
 OTL was on his knees photographing the bugs while we enjoyed the sniffs and other stuff!

Going for a flap about!
 There were loads of bugs today, maybe it was the rain that brought them all out!

Smile! He's back again with his camera!
 Just for a change, he found a Ladybird who was trying to hide from the wind but wasn't making a success of it!

Wot you looking at?
Back home, just in time to see the Qualifying finish! I won't tell you who got first but he's not British!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I'm beginning to get jealous of your lovely days, wish mine were as interesting. Hope that TM didn't wake you up when she was stomping about getting her stuff together. I bet she had a lovely fun day splatting and gluing. Hope you got decent scoff today. You need to tell OTL that everything interesting only happens when there's something decent on the telly. I'm surprised Holly doesn't give Mr Brambles a slap for taking the mickey out of her. Beautiful pictures again, happy muggings and wags and licks from Little Arch xxxx

  2. Lovely pictures those bug shots especially, how do you manage to not disturb them as easy as you do the rabbits? TM is very busy with her classes, you are lucky to have such a talent in your midst and I hope you appreciate it. Snowflake will be needing some help to climb that mountain, maybe you and Holly could hold onto the ends of a pulley while OTL hauls her up. xxxx