Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Day of Ferreting!

Hi Woofers!

Here we go again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Today it has been a 'Quiet Day' you know, sort of nothing much happening but quite enjoyable at the same time!

We started off this morning with our normal run on the beach. Holly and I were into the 'Sniffs' while Mr Brambles was more interested in digging holes!

He is getting good at holes now and can whip one into shape pretty quickly!

.....and pat a little on the side to make it stay up!
 Mind you, he always backs off when Miss Snowflake comes to join in the digging!

Back home we were waiting for The Missus to finish cooking our Ox Heart, so we went up stairs and jumped onto the bed to watch the ferrets playing.

Now, Old Two Legs keeps them in the office in a mighty big cage that we all call Snowy Heights. They run about in the office and if OTL doesn't keep a close eye on them, they will have a poo or a wee in their own special corner of the office!

OTL knows where they like leaving their 'Markers' and has put toilet paper down to catch it all. Of course, the ferrets nearly always miss the paper and leave their markers on the carpet!

OTL isn't too worried about it 'cos he cleans it up as soon as they have done it and then gives it a spray with some 'Pet Safe Disinfectant' which for some reason the ferrets love and they leave more 'Markers' on the sprayed area!

Over the time that the ferrets have been with us, the continued spraying has done more damage to the carpet than the ferrets poo'ing or wee'ing or digging holes in the carpet!

Mind you, the carpet is very old and OTL has plans to get rid of in when he next decorates the office.

He has said he will put down some wooden type flooring that will be easier to clean up after the ferrets!

It seems to be a never ending game with OTL and the ferrets. After he has cleaned the cage and put fresh water and food down, the ferrets then 'Escape' from the office. Well, they don't really escape, rather OTL opens the door and let's them out for a 'Rampage' through The Missus's 'Card Room' and along the passage way and into the bedroom then the toilet and then down the stairs! OTL tries to keep them upstairs where he says he 'Can See Them' and prevent them getting lost or escaping into the garden, which is not Ferret Proof!

The ferrets think it is all good fun, they believe they have 'Escaped' and go charging about  Dooking and Chuckling and fighting each other!

It's not 'Real' fighting but rather Ferret Fun! 

First Mr Brambles pulls a face at Snowflake.

Then Miss Snowflake dives at him and the fun begins!

Ouch! She's Got Me!
 Then she rolls him onto his back, or he rolls onto his back and the tickling starts!

Both of them are Chuckling away like little kits (that's wot ferret children are called), and rolling about all over the carpet.

Give in or I'll tickle you some more!
Well, Mr Brambles being a lot older, fatter and just not as fit a Miss Snowflake is soon left gasping for breath and calling out that he 'Gives In!'

No More! I give in, I've been 'Deaded'!
Next thing you see is them having what Holly and I call a 'Mouth Fight' whilst cuddled up to each other!

Stop it! Your Tickling Me!
Then it all starts again and off they go, running up and down the passage way, in and out of TM's card room and all around the office, in and out of the toilet and back into the bedroom again!

Yah! Your biting my leg!
You would have thought that after the hour long walk along the Sea Wall and Beach they'd have been too tired to play any more!

Finally Mr Brambles goes back to the Snowy Heights for something to eat, a drink and mug some Ferret Nibbles off OTL before falling asleep on his bed.

Miss Snowflake stays up a bit longer, long enough to try to chase me down stairs, which she does, so she can have a sniff around my cushion under OTL's desk. She curls up in a ball and starts to snooze.

OTL gently picks her up and puts her next to Mr Brambles where they spend the rest of the day snoozing like only a ferret can!

After she has gone to bed I sneak back, curl up in a ball and have a snooze until lunch time.

You know, life don't get much better for the woofers in this house!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Well those ferrets have a lovely life, loved all the pictures of them playing. You and Holly don't do so bad either with your lovely walks, hunting and good scoff, except when you get served up doggie scoff.
    I think I'd be quite exhausted watching them to ferrets playing, I'd need a snooze myself. Happy muggings tonight girls, licks and wags from Archie xxxx

  2. That was very enlightening, I didn't know that they played about so much, they do look a bit ferocious though would not want to meet up with them on my own. Good idea about the carpet although it will be much colder and not so nice to live with, you will have to be careful or you will go skating. You and Holly will have to have slippers for Christmas, now there's an idea!! Glad Mr B is keeping up his digging skills, you never know when it will come in useful. The second picture is rather scary, oh dear. xxxx