Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Chasing Things!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a super day today, the sun has been out and a gentle breeze to keep us from getting too hot. Of course, the ferrets made sure they got their splash about in the rock pools!

I Love the mud between my claws!
Holly and I spent some time running up and down the beach and rolling in 'Something Smelly' we found at High Tide mark!

Best of all was on the way back, we tried the old 'Sit and Wait' trick on the Bunny Rabbits!

Holly was ahead of  me but I still did my 'Softly Softly' creep up when the rabbit wasn't looking.

'Softly Softly Catchy Rabbit'
Holly had spent some time just sitting on the path watching the rabbits until they almost got used to her being there. So, every time they went about 'Rabbit Things' she wiggled her backside and shuffled up a couple of inches.

Wriggle, Wriggle, Creep, Creep!
It took some time but Old Two Legs was interested in seeing how Holly was getting along with her 'Rabbit Stalking' and he joined in and was inching his way along as well!

The ferrets were ferreting around and enjoyed themselves in the grass while the rest of us were wriggling and inching along!

Then, Holly was within about ten feet of 'Dopey Rabbit No 1' and felt like it was time to do the last few feet at speed, so, tensing her claws she sprang forward to get the rabbit.

The Last Few Feet!
The rabbit turned and ran back down the hole!

Never mind, back home we had chicken for breakfast instead of rabbit!

Lunchtime we were back down the beach again but just a little too early 'cos the tide hadn't come right in yet. I didn't mind but it did mean that I was running on the muddy stuff instead of swimming, well it made a change and I still got just as wet!

OTL and I were having fun, he threw the stick, then I splashed in and got it back, then I jumped up at his leg to tell him to throw it and in the end his trousers were soaked!

It was OK really 'cos the sun soon dried the water off!

So, there we were throwing and fetching the stick and having fun when all of a sudden, before I could rush out and get the stick, there was a flash of fur and the war cry of a Staffy and Bella just flew past us and was off chasing my stick!

It's a Bouncing Bella!
It was fun 'cos she would charge out to get the stick, carry it back in then drop it in the water, so off I'd go and fetch it in the rest so OTL could throw it out again!

Come on, I'll Mug you when you get back!
After Bella had gone back home I was feeling all big and brave, so, when I saw a big Bozo Alsatian German Shepherd Woofer on the next path, going in the opposite direction, I stood up on my back legs and gave it a Serious Woofing! 

OTL said that I'd get into trouble one day!
 OTL was pleased with his quest for the Soldier Beetle Picture. He hadn't brought his big camera 'cos he thought it was too windy but he did manage this one!

Making Beetles!
 We are expecting more sunshine tomorrow, so claws crossed, more swimming and chasing rabbits!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. What an exciting day. Lovely pictures. Holly will have to learn to creep a bit closer but she's getting the hang of sneaking up. Wow, you were brave to stand up and woof at the bozo. Glad you got some chicken, it tastes nicer than rabbit I think. Miss Snowflake looks like she's really enjoying her plodge in the rock pool. Happy muggings tonight, licks and wags from little Arch. xxxx

  2. Lovely pictures, the Soldier Beetle especially, well done to OTL. That rabbit was being a bit over brave but it was too fast, last week our Van was surrounded by rabbits and we thought of you and Holly. xxxx