Wednesday, 30 July 2014

It's Clear Up Day Today!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

Well, today is the last day of our 'Holiday'. Tomorrow The Missus is returning from 'Up North' after her Baby Sitting Duties, which, we understand, the 'Babies' were either in bed or out with their mates!

Today, Old Two Legs has been running around with the vacuum cleaner and we have been searching out all the carrot ends we have left under the sofa and down the backs of the chairs!

The ferrets have been pointing out where they have left their 'Marker Poos' in TM's craft room!

OTL has been out with the Garden Cam again and caught us out for our late night 'Woof an'a Wee'!

Mind you, he also caught us doing our early morning 'Puppy Patrol' of the garden, just to clear off any stray cat that has over slept!

It was good and sunny as we set off for our walk this morning and OTL spotted a Green Bug Thing on our front door. So he just had to take a picture!

A Green Bug Thing!
Down on the beach Mr Brambles was showing off by running up the side of the Wall of Death, that was, until he fell off.

Holly said it should be called The Wall of Falling Off!

Not falling off just yet!
When we got back, the Bozo Green Thing was still on the door, so OTL got a plastic box and captured the Bug so he could take some photos!
A Speckled Bush Cricket!
Looking in the book we were able to identify it. Not a rare find but an absolute pain to photograph.

You see, crickets jump and every time OTL got the bug out of the box it jumped up in the air to get away from the monster with the One Eye and the nasty flashing thingy! So, instead of getting a 'Side On' shot, we had to make do with it hanging on a bit of card that OTL uses as a wall to stop the bugs from escaping in the office!

TM would not be too happy about bugs crawling all over the house after escaping from OTL's Bug Studio!

Now, we just loved the bit about Archie Babe bringing home a frog and wanting to keep it as a pet, we asked OTL if we could keep the cricket as a pet but he said no!

Holly, however, has had a brilliant idea, when Archie Babe visits, maybe he could bring his Frog Mate with him and it could live in our pond and we could send Archie video's of him splashing about on the Lily Leaves!

Lunchtime we ended up in The Forest 'cos OTL had to take a parcel to the carriers and a walk under the shade of the trees while looking for squirrels and Heeland Coos, well, what could be better!

I see No Coo's!
Tonight we are having chicken for dinner and OTL will cook it just how we like it, all warm and greasy!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and loved the vid clips. Poor OTL, another busy day for him today. Good job Snowflake and Mr Brambles told him where their poos were, TM wouldn't be a happy puppy if she stood on one. Hope Mr B didn't hurt himself on the wall of death. Archie is banned from bringing frogs now and is frisked when he comes back from the garden. What you need for your pond is some frogs spawn, the frogs then always go back to where they were spawned, apparently. I don't know that TM would be too happy if you two did an Archie on her and invited the frogs inside to play. Did you find the coos and squirrels? Enjoy your dinner tonight, TM coming home might mean doggie scoff ...... mind she wouldn't dare give you that for a day or two incase you send her back to sit on the babies. Happy snoozing later and hope you get some snackettes before bed time. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx