Sunday, 10 August 2014

A Day with Archie Babe and Bertha's Backside!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a day we've had, rain, sniffs Archie, more sniffs!

It started off with taking The Missus up to the village hall with all her stuff ready for her Master Class, then off to the Sea Wall for a walk with the ferrets before Archie Babe arrives!

Archie will like this sniff!
Holly and the ferrets were busy sorting the sniffs out while I looked for any new ones that had appeared overnight!

That's a new one!
Towards the end of the walk it started to rain and Old Two Legs said it was the last bit of Hurricane Bertha and as Holly said, if that was the last bit, it must be her backside!

The ferrets said that they wanted to get into the dry and have a snooze, so OTL sorted them out and we were back in the car again!

We went back to the village hall and pretty soon Archie arrived! That was it, a quick 'Hello and Goodbye' and we were all off back down to the beach again!

We introduced Archie Babe to all the sniffs we had set aside and he reckons that there were some seriously special sniffs that he doesn't get at his home.

Wow! This is Good Girls!
We then took him down to the beach which he said he had never seen before! He was sniffin' an sniffin' again at the sea weed sniff. He had never sniffed it before and was getting excited!

Oh Wow! Just look at all that water and the Sniff is better than I imagined!
We went down on the beach and showed him the sea weed and the water and the mud and told him about the Wet Smelly Thing the ferrets are hunting!

Can I eat this?
 Once we had finished on the beach Archie asked if we could play 'Puppy Patrol' up the hill!

It's a triple 'Puppy Patrol'!
We headed back home just in time 'cos the rain started again as soon as we had got back to the car!

Back home we had a bite to eat, well, Archie got his nose stuck in our 'Day Biscuits' which we like to nibble sometimes. He woofed down loads and finished off with a teeth cleaning chew!

We all had a snooze and I even let Archie cuddle up with OTL on his favourite chair!

Back down the beach it was just right for a swim, I chased after the Red Bone and Archie said that he Doesn't Do Swimming!

No, This is as far as I want to go thanks!
Further along the beach the tide was well into retreat so we all enjoyed some 'Beach Sniffing'.

Archie was looking for the 'Wet Smelly Thing' but we suggested that instead, he should have a roll in the mud 'cos his own Two Legs would be very impressed with a coat of mud!

Go on, have a roll!

 Archie, being a Sneaky Puppy, went off to OTL and asked if he could have a roll?

No, you can't roll in the mud!
Having his Mud Roll stopped, Archie went off in search of frogs and other things. He found some small shrimps in the pools and some wriggly things under the weed!

Got any frogs here?
Then something caught Archie's eye, it was a sea gull plonking around in the mud looking for some food. Archie said that he doesn't get many real sea gulls where he lives and was speculating on whether or not it tasted like chicken!

I wonder?
 Heading back to the car Archie was saying that he wished he had a beach where he lived, he would spend all day sniffing along the shore!

I wish I had a beach!
Back home, Archie did some investigating of our garden, he said that it had some brilliant sniffs and a good few holes to investigate!

This is great!
Then we suggested he have a drink from the pond which we reckon tastes better that the stuff that comes out of the tap!

He stood on the rock and then put his paws in the water and Holly reckoned that just one more inch further in and he would be swimming!

Just One More Inch!
Pretty soon Archie had to leave us and head off home. He said that he had enjoyed his visit and if we didn't mind, he would just love to come down and visit again and spend some more time on the beach!

We waved him Bye Bye and went in search of our dinner, Ox Heart, Yum Yum!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Well thank you girls and OTL for giving Archie such a wonderful day. He's had such a busy time that he's fast asleep, dreaming of seaweed and waves and lovely seaside smells. He is seriously in lurve with the two lovely ladies that showed him around and found the best smells for him to sniff. He also especially liked the siesta with OTL. He thinks your pond is brilliant, our little one is fenced off so that Archie can't disturb the frogs when they have their dip. Archie is quite impressed with your chauffer and the seaside, I think he's going to ask if we can move near the sea. The pictures are beautiful. Sorry Archie munched all your day biscuits, he is a bit of a greedy guts but I'm glad you got some decent scoff this evening. Happy muggings tonight girls and thank OTL and TM for a lovely day from both of us. Love, double licks and treble wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Oh my, what a brilliant day you had and what a fantastic guided tour Archie had, I am sure you didn't mind him having a few day biscuits, he let you have your ox heart. That M25 has alot to answer for but they did manage to get to the Workshop and his mum made some cards as well. We have our Daisy visiting this week and she tells us she wants to see Pocahontas and the seaside, does Gravesend count as the seaside, maybe ask OTL he knows lots of things? xxxx

  3. Absolutely fabulous xxxxxx