Sunday, 24 August 2014

Star Gazing, Brrrm, Brrrm, followed by Ox Heart!

Hi Woofers!

A Super Sunday here in North Kent, a really lazy time for Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

I needed a wee during the night and had to wake Old Two Legs with my normal whine! He did his 'Bounce Off The Walls' walk down stairs but forgot he had moved the large cabinet containing the music-centre away from the hole in the ceiling to the safety of the front of the house, at the bottom of the stairs.

Now, OTL doesn't turn on the lights 'cos it wakes him up too much and he has trouble going back to sleep, so, bouncy bouncy down the stairs, turn right, bounce into sharp corner of the unit, utter blessing on all sharp wooded corners!

Mind you, it wasn't all pain and suffering 'cos while we were having a wee, OTL was looking at the stars 'cos it was a cool crisp clear sky. He was looking up, as he does, from the kitchen door when he spotted a cluster of stars he had not noticed before. Just below the Pleiades Cluster. We are not sure if he has found a new star cluster or he was seeing stars from colliding with the unit!

Back to bed and a a comfortable sleep until morning!

OTL has a big bruise on his leg this morning!

OTL is not happy!

OTL says we have got to learn how to use the loo!

Late morning we all sat down the watch the F1 Racing but as it got close to the start, Holly and I decided we would rather go down the beach again and do some 'Rabbit Hunting', (Much Safer Than Cat Hunting, tell Archie Babe!)

So off we went!

OTL was not happy that he may miss the beginning and we did our wee's as quickly as possible!

But then I got sort of 'Distracted', the tide was in and I was splashing about in the water before OTL had got down to the beach!

Of course, OTL got the Red Bone out and I had a great time splashing around and at one time it was a bit further out than normal and I had to have two goes at getting it but I still kept my periscope up!

Periscope Up Again!
 If I timed it correctly, as I got close to the shore, the last wave would throw me onto the beach, which was good fun!

Daisy Has Landed!
Holly Dog didn't get anywhere near the water, in fact, she sat right up the top of the Sea Wall and refused to even sit on the beach in case she got wet, when I shook myself to get rid of the water off my back!

No thanks, I'll stay here Thank you!
Back home I finished off the Ox Heart while OTL watched the racing. I went up stairs and crashed out under the desk and Holly climbed up on OTL's chair for a cuddle and a snooze!

Now, Archie Babe, what are you doing getting beaten up by a cat! Was it a BIG CAT? Are you sure it wasn't one of those escaped Mountain Lions? Or maybe it is a Jaguar with spots and stripes?

We don't believe it was a common or garden back yard pussy!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely day you've had. I bet you enjoyed your swim. Holly is getting a wuss not even coming onto the beach. Lovely pictures of you. Didn't OTL get a picture of the stars, or as you say, maybe it was the stars from bumping into the cabinet. Poor OTL does suffer for his little furry mates. Archie is most embarrassed about being beaten up, it was a little cat from over the back, Archie only went to see it and make friends and it bopped him on the head and scratched him, he's going around now showing off his war wound so he's getting lots of extra cuddles from his friends when he goes out walking. Good to hear you got lovely scoff today. Hope there's some good pickings this evening, licks, wags and love from Archie (the war hero) xxxx

  2. That looks like a good swim you had and the red bone comes in really useful better than all those silly balls that don't last five minutes. Shame that Holly wont join in, if only she was a little braver......... bless her. You must be glad that you don't live near Archie, the utter embarrassment for him of being beaten up by a small cat. Sorry about OTL and his new bruise, I am wondering when the hole in the ceiling will be fixed. You should have come out with us because we went to Hole Park, I didn't see many holes, there were a few little ones but nothing like the one you have. Hope you are entertaining your visitors, has OTL fixed up a Firemans Pole to the bathroom? xxxx