Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thursday? No, it's Shrewsday Today!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's the Motley Crew back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, Old Two Legs calls us Motley 'cos we don't do what he wants us to, like, 'Come Here or Sit or Don't Roll in That' or even ' Don't Eat That'!

We were up good and early this morning and even had to wake the ferrets up! The sun was shining and there was a balmy breeze blowing, just right for chasing rabbits and investigating sniffs!

On our way down to the beach, the ferrets decided they wanted to get out of the ferret bag for a 'Sniff and a Wee', as they do!

So we took the opportunity to have a sniff while they had a wee.

Mr Brambles was finished first and was soon helping us out with a sniff.

I can hear snuffling as well!
We had the sniff but Mr Brambles said he could hear snuffling, just like a mouse or something that size.

We carried on and pretty soon Holly had flushed out a Shrew!

OTL made Holly put it down and we took it over to the sea wall where OTL managed to get a couple of shots of it before it ran back to the grass!

That was Scary!
Mr Brambles asked if he could go and play 'Chase' with the shrew and Miss Snowflake asked if it tasted like chicken!

OTL told us all that we had to leave it alone so it could go home and have a sit down and a cup of tea after being scared like that!

Holly reckoned that it could have tasted like chicken but there wasn't enough meat on it to get a decent taste!

Back home we were still discussing the shrew 'cos The Missus hadn't thawed out our Ox Heart yet and we were starving!

Lunchtime we were back down the sea wall again and Holly and I did some 'Sneaky Creeping' around the bramble bushes looking for rabbits but they had all gone out shopping down in Rochester Market.

Holly was wondering if they sold Ox Heart down the market and OTL told us about the markets in Tooting where they used to sell horse meat off the stall. Holly said that as hungry as she may be, she couldn't eat a whole horse, well, not in one sitting!

She is such a Wag!

We went back and the shrew had disappeared, so he had either been eaten by the Kestrel that is always hovering about or it had returned to the long grass to join his mates!

No Shrews here!
Back home OTL has been busy with his bits of paperwork and stuff, so we haven't seen much of him!

I spent the afternoon snoozing under the office desk and Holly has been down stairs watching TV.

The Missus just loves those soppy cooking programs and of course, if there's food, there's Holly!

OK, we are busy busy tomorrow 'cos the Insurance Assessor Man is coming to look at the hole in the ceiling.

So it looks like an early night 'cos it's going to be an early morning!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Wow, Holly the Hunter gets her shrew. What a lovely little creature it is. So glad it was allowed to go home for a cuppa after posing for OTL. Sounds like you've all had a lovely day, hope your dinner is thawed by now. Is Holly taking notes of the recipes? I'm with you Daisy, a nice siesta in the afternoon is good. Have a lovely evening all. Hope the insurance man has a nice shallow pocket and long arms so that you get a good pay out for the hole. I expect you'll miss it when it goes. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Wow, I have never seen a shrew before, clever Holly definitely in line there for a medal or extra ox heart. OTL was clever as well managing to get a good picture before sending it home, it smiled for him nicely expect it was glad to be rescued from the clutches of a Holly Dog. Hope you enjoyed the ox heart when it was thawed, poor TM has a lot to contend with living with a hole in the ceiling, I hope the assessor arrives early and has good news then the work can start rebuilding. Hope your evening was good, maybe left over plawn clackers? xxxx