Friday, 8 August 2014

TM's got a New Pinny!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Not so hot today, that means we can have a good run and chase on the beach. Holly and I were running up and down the beach, digging holes and winding Mr Brambles up!

It starts off with Brambles coming over to see the hole Holly was digging!

This is My 'ole, so Ferret Off!
 I dug a deep hole and called out that there was something big and smelly down here!

Ear! There's Summat Smelly Here!
Of course, that means Mr Brambles must have a look and investigate the source of the sniff!

I moved off to the side and he was in there as quick as a flash!

Well I can't sniff it!
That caught him out! Holly and I were rolling on the beach laughing our tails off!

We had a visit from Auntie Chris and husband Pete and Chris brought The Missus a new pinny!

Dead smart it is as well, and it started off with a bit of advertising!

Book Early to avoid disappointment!
Then there was the 'Warning', not that we paid it any attention!

Oh Yeah! In Yer Dreams Missus!
 When we turned it over there was more embroidery!

This is Super Special!
This is it in close up!

Good Luck Words!
 Even Snowflake and Brambles got a mention!
It's A Ferret Thing!
Of course, the best bit was the Daisy & Holly tracks!

It don't get much better than this!
OTL said that the way TM was dancing around in it, he reckons she will even be wearing it in bed tonight!

It was still cool when we went for the lunchtime stroll on the beach and half way around it started to rain!

It was a 'Quick Trot' back to the car and by the time we got home the Thunder & Lightening' had started! Boom, Crash!

Holly and I had a woof at the thunder but OTL said it was a waste of time woofing 'cos the thunder can't talk Doggy!

Silly Thunder!

We finished off the Lambs Heart that TM found in the bottom of the freezer, so, not such a bad finish to the day, well, anything is better than Doggy Scoff!

OTL has promised us a 'Good Brushing' so we look our best when Archie Babe comes visiting on Sunday. OTL says that Archie Babe has not only had a bath, but he has had a hair cut as well!

Holly asked if he sniffed like a Tarts Handbag, like wot we do when we come out from the Parlour?

OTL said he would sniff but sort of 'Manly Sniffs'!

Holly said we will have to show him where all the good sniffs are so he can have a roll in them before he goes home!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely apron TM has, Chris is very clever to make it and put all that embroidery on it. I see all the important things are there on the apron. You two are a tease with your holes, poor Mr Brambles, I bet he believed you when you said there was something smelly in that hole and then you roll around laughing at him ....... tsk you are a pair of pickles. Sorry to hear you got caught out in the rain, so far we haven't had any. I think by Sunday, Archie will be back to his normal smelly self, he doesn't do smelling nice for too long, not sure of the manly smell either, more like eau da bird dropping. He'll be very grateful for any stinky smells you show him, that's one of his most favourite past times, rolling in stinks. Glad to hear you had a decent scoff today, Archie was most concerned about this doggie scoff you keep getting, he's going to have a word with TM on Sunday about it, if he feels brave enough. He says he might bring you some treats if you show him your stinkiest smells. Love, licks and wags from a clean little Arch. xxxx

  2. Wonderful news, Archie is coming to visit, will TM wear her new apron? I bet Archie is getting bashful at meeting you two lovely ladies that is very good news and I look forward to seeing a group picture. Michael is at Teston with the Kite Festival this weekend so I hope he manages to get lots of kite pictures, will the weather forecast be wrong? Please let it be then you can take Archie to show him all your wonderful haunts and we can enjoy the kites. Bonus for us is we are having a five day visitor by the name of Daisy, only two legs but big smiles and we want good weather, it is so exciting that she will be ours for five whole days. yippee!!!! xxxx