Friday, 26 September 2014

Holly speaks the language!

Eee-Up Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Guess wot? The sun has been shining this afternoon! It was guaranteed to do that 'cos Old Two Legs got a phone call from the Pet Shop to say my rain coat had arrived!

It is exactly like Holly's but mine is Blue and Green Tartan!

I have to report that Holly and my tums are back to normal again. OTL announced that after our morning walk and while he was inspecting the contents of the Poo Bag!

Well, everyone has got to have a hobby of some description!

On our morning stroll we heard that Cockerel doodling away and this time we were both ready for it!

OK, It's down there!
Trouble was, we were looking to the right and he was legging it to the left!

Danger, Danger, Danger!
Still, we have plenty of days left before we have to go home, plenty of time yet!

To make up for it, I reckon I saw a squirrel up in one of the trees and went into 'Squirrel Hunt Mode'

It's up here, I know it's up here!
OTL said I was shaking like a wobbly jelly on steroids!

For some reason or other, Holly is a little 'apprehensive' about our morning walk, too much open space I think is the problem, so, tomorrow OTL is going to put us in the car and take us up to the top of the moors, she doesn't mind it up there, the only down side is, no Cockerels!

After breakfast we headed off to the town and on the way OTL's mobile phone got a signal and announced that there was a message waiting for him!

It was the lady from the pet shop!

When we got there I was placed on the counter while OTL and the Lady put this raincoat on me to check for size. Now, I, for some reason got all worried 'cos that same thing happens when I go to the vet, I get picked up and put onto the table and then I get stabbed with needles or other nasty stuff!

So, there I was with the raincoat on but my tail was tucked between my legs, I was not a Happy Puppy, until we got outside the shop!

Then it was a rush back to the car to tell The Missus all about my coat!

Back at the caravan we had some lunch and Holly and I got to sit outside on our rug with a carrot each. A new caravan had arrived and we saw there were two Jack Russell type of woofers looking out of the window, so we gave them both a good woofing but they didn't answer at all, they just stood the looking!

Holly said that maybe they hadn't been taught how to woof!

Then we headed up onto the Moors again and we were looking for some woofers or Grouse to have a game with, I just couldn't see anyone at all!

I can't see anything at all, have they all gone home?
Then, all of a sudden up popped a sheep!

Call me Donna, Donna Kebab!
Well it certainly made us jump!

'Eee-Up' says Holly, (she has been learning the language up here) 'What's your name?'

'Just call me Donna' said the sheep, 'That's Donna Kebab to you'!

Holly and I rolled on our back laughing, it was almost as bad as being called Mint Sauce or Lamb Chop!

We just couldn't say any more so we ran off looking for rabbits, well, that was our excuse!

Tonight, OTL has announced that he will going up on the Moors to try to get a Sunset picture. He has found a place where he will be able to see the horizon and it faces west.

Holly and I am staying back in the caravan, we don't fancy sitting on the damp moors while he fights off the mosquitoes!

By the way, about yesterdays blog, some of you are getting things all mixed up!

The hammer is for getting the Ferret Poo, you see, all you do is to shake the hammer at the ferrets and growl and then POO!


See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. hahahahahahaha. thanks for clearing up about the hammer and ferret poo, mind I think if TM shook a hammer at me I might poo too. What a lovely blog today with beautiful pictures. You really do look like you're having an exciting time up there. Glad to hear you got your new coat. I like the look of Miss Kebab, she looks quite tasty. Watch out for those Jack Russell type dogs don't nick your carrots. Hope OTL is lucky with his shot of the sunset tonight, hope he doesn't get bitten by the mossies'. Has OTL got something nice planned for you tomorrow while TM is doing her master class? How are Mr B and Miss Snowflake doing up there, have they had any new adventures? Right chucks have a good evening, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Well I stand by amazed and if ever I need to get a ferret to poo I know just what to do. That OTL is funny, let's hope he doesn't get any ideas about using doggy poo for artist interest!!! What a lovely picture of Donna, I hope you didn't go talking about Kebabs in front of her, I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading your stories again and so pleased that your coat arrived, silly girl not liking being on the counter, everyone would admire you and you could be a fashion model on the Dog Walk instead of the Cat Walk, TM must be excited about her workshop, it seems that she shows them what to do then eats cake and sleeps while they make their own cards, wakes up and does the next one, then more cake and sleep. Now if you time it right you could slip in whilst she is asleep and the "students" are working, you could nick a lump of cake and scarper before they knew what had happened. Don't tell them I told you! Glad you tums are better have a lovely Saturday. xxxxxx