Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Washing Day Today!

Greetings Woofers!

The Gang is here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Sorry we're a bit late but Old Two Legs has been working hard today and we have been helping him.

Well, we have been giving him helpful suggestions on how to do his work and he has been telling us what to do with our suggestions!

Most of his suggestions were physically impossible, we think!

Our walk this morning was all mist and damp and it was fun chasing the rabbits but it wasn't misty enough to hide us from them!

 There was a Kestrel trying to find some breakfast and OTL tried creeping up on it after it had dived down to the ground hunting mouses and stuff!

Missed, Again!
 You can tell just how misty it was, here is the Sun!

Misty shot of The Sun!
 Back home OTL was trying to get out to wash the caravan, so it looks all clean and shiny for the holiday but one of his customers sent him a big order, so that put paid to the caravan this morning!

Lunchtime he had finished the work bit, just in time to take us out again!

It was not so misty but still didn't get any swimming done!

Instead, Holly decided to run flat out along the Sea Wall and came flying past OTL and me at speeds approaching Mach 9 3/4!

Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane, No, It's Super Dog!
OTL tried to get another Common Hawker in his view finder but as he got close the Dragonfly flew off!

Getting ready to go!
 OTL sat down on the bench and Holly, being full of fun a frolic, jumped up onto his lap and went....

 OTL was taking some video with his new Gizzmo Phone but so far he hasn't worked out how to send it to the laptop so we can put it on this blog.

Still, if all else fails, he could try reading the instructions!

This afternoon he was out with the bucket and managed to wash not only the caravan but the car as well!

We expect that tomorrow morning he won't be able to get out of bed because his back will have seized up!

That means Holly and I will have to give him a lick behind his ear, just to make it all better!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Ohh it was misty down your way, beautiful misty pictures though. Wow, look at that Holly, almost flying along the wall. Poor OTL, always working, I bet your suggestions were quite helpful, I can only wonder why OTL didn't try them. Hope you got decent scoff or was it too misty for TM to find the oven? I watched loads of her beautiful samples on telly this morning. Fantastic pictures today, looks like Holly really had the pickle in her. Have a lovely evening. Love, licks and wags from little (did you hear my name on telly this morning) Arch xxxx

  2. Glad OTL is still working for a living, we can't have him shirking and being retired, he needs to earn those pennies with six of you to feed plus the hole in the ceiling. I hope you all helped wash the caravan and car, bowl of water each and then one, two, three, lllliiiicccckkkk, slurp more water and one, two, three lllliiiicccckkkk you would have had the job done in no time and it would have helped the poor mans' back. Holly must be practising for the Doggie Olympics, what speed you got, she must be trying to be fit for the holiday. Michael said to thank TM for her lovely comment, we was well chuffed, Hope her new thingy comes so that she can take it with her, sorry, was I not supposed to mention that she has bought something else, sure it is very small and very very cheap so there are pennies for your food! Did she mention £'ssss, oh no my mistake, I think it was just a few pence!!!!!! Anyway enjoy Wednesday, hope it isn't as misty can't loose Sheerness, can we! xxxx