Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wot a Day!

Eee-Up Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

First of all, sorry we are late with the blog, blame The Missus and her 'Master Class', and the 'Chinese Take-Away'!

Second................All Together now...........1...........2.......2 1/2.......3

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday To Yoo!
Happy Birthday Archie Babes Mum, Happy Birthday to Yoo!

Loads of licks from us all here, including TM and Old Two Legs!

Today we were up before it got light, everyone was crashing about in the caravan, getting in every ones way!

Finally we got it all loaded and ready to go.

A quick 'Good Bye' to the ferrets who were showing off 'cos they couldn't come with us!

Now, do you remember OTL setting off to photograph a sunset? Well, here's the result.

Nothing Special!
Off we went to Cayton, where TM was going to do one of her 'Classes'. We kicked everything out the back of the car and then it was out of the car park, turn left and headed towards the sea!

OTL managed to find a parking place and we set off looking for a path down to the beach, we found one but it was a long way down! When we finally got to the bottom it was certainly worth the ten thousand steps all the way down!

OTL let us off the lead and we ran like we had never run before!

The First Run This Holiday!
 Holly was as happy as I was to be let off the lead. So far this holiday we have had to stay on the lead 'cos we might chase the sheep, as if!

Down on the beach there were no sheep, in fact there was only OTL, Holly and me!

Can't Catch Me!
 We went from one end to the other, climbing up the cliff a bit then in and out of the rocks on the headland.

Two Woofers Going BOO!
We found a Sandcastle Thingy that someone had left behind, so we had a great time digging holes and rolling in the sand as well!

A Right Royal Roll!
 From there we went to a place called Ravenscar, a town that never was! OTL said it was someones brilliant idea to build a new town by the coast and to finance it by selling one house to finance the building of the next one and so on. However, it didn't work out and the venture failed and the only thing to see is the old station and what may have been the Railway Hotel!

The Station is still here!
The platform is still here as well as the sign but someone has pinched all the Railway Tracks!

Railway Hotel?
From there we went off to Whitby where OTL wanted to photograph the Abbey. Now the first thing was the sun, like there was loads of it, no interesting shadows at all and the people were all over it like a rash!

So, OTL started to play with the filters he had brought with him. He was showing off a bit 'cos he had forgotten the 'Big Stopper' which is a black bit of glass that enables the shutter speed to be as long as thirty seconds!

OTL spent a long time getting the shot 'cos every time he went to take a picture, some Bozo would appear from around the corner!

At Last, a TL free Photo!
Waiting for OTL to get the picture was Soooo Booooring! Holly and I were getting right fed up and when OTL said that we could go, we were off like rockets, woofing and growling at everyone.

We had to pass the big queue waiting to get their tickets, so, Holly and I waited until we were half way down the queue before we let off a Big Loud WOOF!

Everyone of those TL Bozo's jumped at least six foot off the ground!

Holly and I thought it great fun, OTL said we were 'Terrible', but I did see a smile flash across his face!

Back to pick up TM then collect a Chinese Take-Away and back to the caravan so Holly and I can have some of the King Prawns and of course the 'Plawn Clackers'!

We know how to live!

TM has retired to bed, in fact she went not long after finishing her meal.

Poor Old Thing, these Master Classes takes it out of her, must be her age or maybe the it's the wine that is to blame!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Aww thank you so much for singing happy birthday and the licks from all :) Wow, what a day you've had. The photos are beautiful, love the Abbey. Glad you got a good run on the beach and nice to hear you had it all to yourselves. You really do have lovely holidays. Glad you got to get some king prawns and plawn clackers, hope they were up to scratch. Seems like everyone enjoyed TM's master class and meeting you and Holly, what lucky ladies. Hope you get a nice restful evening after such a busy and exciting day. Love, licks and wags to you all from little Arch and his TM xxxx

  2. So it's Happy Birthday Archies Mum, I bet she went out on a big rave up and is still living it up. Hope you had a nice birthday, when you do finally surface and read this. xx
    The Abbey is magnificent, OTL has sympathies from me for having to wait while people get out of the way, I have been with Michael when somebody wanders into the scene, stops, walks, looks, stops, starts again and then sits down on the seat to read their newspaper! Grrrrrr.
    Hope the foreign Plawn Clackers and King Prawns were as nice as those at home, you can never be certain. What a run you had today to be let loose to run on the beach, now that's a holiday proper. Poor TM I bet she was tired but full of stories of her Masterclass day, are you going to take her for a run on the beach tomorrow, she would like that being able to let her hair down and just run and run, I bet! xxxxxx

  3. Thank you Sue, I had a quiet night in, after reading Daisy's blog and all the exciting things that her and Holly got up to I was quite worn out. I think taking TM for a run up the beach, racing Daisy and Holly is just the ticket. Picture this, TM running up the beach with arms outstretched towards OTL. xxx Archie babes mum xxx