Thursday, 2 October 2014

He Left Us!

Eee-Up Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, would you believe it? Old Two Legs took us out for our morning walk, us and the ferrets, filled the water tank in the caravan, emptied the waste water, made sure we were all fed and watered and the ferrets comfortable in their cage, and the he left us with The Missus all day!

So, we had the lazy day again and OTL was off to photograph Malham Cove!

He has come back with some pictures but the Internet keeps dropping out whenever we try to up load the pictures!

So, as we have got to get up early tomorrow for TM's Master Class in Stockton on Tees, we will have to up load tomorrow night.

It was great when OTL arrived home at about eight this evening, Holly and I went a little bit potty and even the ferrets joined in the fun and games!

So, see you tomorrow with all the pictures!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. Even Blogger Dashboard didn't tell me you had published, it was only Michael who opened up yesterdays' blog and found your very short Over. Oh wow, Malham Cove, I shall look and see what it is about to be prepared to tomorrows pictures. Hope TM enjoys her Masterclass, Friday and Saturday, poor old thing she will be worn out by the time you take her home. She will be needing a nice fresh bunch of carrots and a bottle of that TM Feretone stuff. xxxxxx And an extra x for poor old TM.

  2. Poor Daisy, how could OTL leave you. I bet he took lots of interesting photos though, so your loss is our gain. Hope TM wasn't too bossy with you. I expect after two quiet days you will be full of the pickle today and make poor OTL suffer for leaving you behind. Looking forward to seeing all the photos he took yesterday. Have a lovely day today but be good for OTL or he might just decide to give you more quiet days ;) Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx