Saturday, 11 October 2014

Spiders the Size of Dinner Plates!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a day it has been today! First off we went for our morning walk but had to drop The Missus off at the Village Hall for her 'Master Class'. When we got to the beach the clouds looked very full of rain and even Old Two Legs told us to 'Get a Move On' before we all got wet!

It's Going To Rain!
Mr Brambles went behind some sea weed for a wee but then complained that we were all watching him!

I can't go if you're watching me!
We were on our way back when it started, but not too heavy just rather large drops of rain, the ferrets were getting a lick on running down the hill, so Holly and I did the same!

 Back in the car we headed for home and about half way the rain really started, it just bucketed down!

It was a good job we had got back to the car in time or we may have been washed away!

After some breakfast we set about helping OTL get all the junk out of the loft. Both Holly and I were having a 'Snuffle' around all his gear and we were amazed at the number of spiders that had set up their 'Winter Quarters' up there.

We had great fun chasing them around until they scuttled away into the very dark bits of the loft!

There was loads of stuff that OTL said could be dumped and he had fun dropping it out of the loft door into a couple of big cardboard boxes!

Pretty soon it was time for our lunchtime walk and the rain clouds had gone and the sun was shining!

We hit the beach again and the first thing I did was to jump in!

I knew OTL wouldn't mind 'cos he had brought our Doggy Towel with him in the car, just in case I got wet!

Look! I'm a Surf Baby!
Holly, of course, stayed well away from the water, as you know, she just 'Don't Do Water'!

That didn't stop me!

I had great fun and I will admit to being a little naughty, you see, every time OTL threw the stick in the water I would go and fetch it and make sure I ran out of the water, just where Holly was sitting, trying to catch a few 'Rays'!

Come on Beach Butt!
 Of course, she wasn't impressed and said that I was disturbing the birds who were flying by!

Keep in formation number five!
As if!

We let OTL carry on up in the loft while we had a snooze on the sofa and watched to pile of stuff get bigger and bigger. If he carries on this way there will be nothing left in the loft, except spiders!

TM came back from her 'Master Class' all full of beans 'cos her 'Girls' had done some stunning work following after TM had demonstrated some 'Background Technique'!

Sounds all technical to me!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly (The Dry One), Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Stop Looking' Brambles!


  1. Shame about the rain but the pictures look lovely this morning and this afternoon. I'm not surprised poor Mr Brambles wanted a bit of privacy when he goes for a wee. Don't think I'd want my piccie took while I was weeing. Ewwwww keep those spiders down in Kent please, we're not spider fans up in this neck of the woods, we have a big bowl of conkers by the front door to let them know that they're not welcome in. Arch runs away from spiders, anything on two or four legs is fine but 8 .......... no way Pedro!!!!!!! Don't you look lovely there swimming in the sea, shame Holly doesn't give it a try but if she's a beach babe then I guess she just doesn't want to spoil her hair style. Glad TM had a good day, I bet her friends had a brilliant time, specially with them yummy looking cakes. I wonder if any treasures were found in the loft? Don't forget, if it's empty TM will probably be thinking of what she can store up there. Have a lovely evening all and good muggings. Love, licks and wags from little (I don't do spiders) Arch xxxx

  2. Spiders as big as dinner plates, I don't think so unless they are toy plates, TM would not be impressed with big spiders, "Holy doesn't do Rain" - "TM doesn't do Spiders" - not even little ones! Poor OTL is going to be back and forth to the tip, best stay out of the way, just don't offer to help.
    It did rain didn't it, just poured and poured, you don't mind getting wet by choice but not when it comes out of the sky, funny that! TM really gives some good help at her classes and gets such beautiful results, well done to TM. When is she going to rest, you look after her and help by eating up all your dinners and keeping those ferrets under control. Also, keep those spiders with you, just don't tell TM how big they are. xxxx