Sunday, 5 October 2014

Squeeky Caravan

Eee-Up Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

After the last two days of getting up early and going to bed late, we were glad of a lay in this morning. Holly and I were cuddled up to Old Two Legs, just to keep warm in the night.

Now, yesterday, after we got back, Holly and I decided we needed a run on t'Moors, so, a quick woof in OTL's ear and we were off in the car up to the Moor. The rain had passed but when we got up on the top, we could see rain happening across the other side of the dale. Of course, OTL was clicking away with his camera and caught these two rain storms passing us by!

Rain Storm No. 1
Then on our way back we spotted this storm on the other side of the dale.

Rainy Storm No. 2
Of course, we managed to stay dry and got back to the van in time for dinner of Chicken & Biscuits!

I had left some chicken in my bowl to have before going to bed but after Holly and I had jumped up on the seats OTL let the ferrets out for a 'Rampage' around the caravan. Of course, it wasn't long before they found my chicken and were having little nibbles as they passed the bowl!

Holly thought it was a real cheek and proceeded to grumble at them for being so rude as to pinch my dinner!

Secretly, I think Holly was afraid that there wouldn't be any left for her to pinch later on!

OTL sorted the dilemma, he picked up the food bowl and the water bowl and put it on the table!

A sort of 'Wisdom of Solomon'?

It took a lot of Wisdom to sort out the next problem. Yesterday The Missus came back with a load of stuff from the workshop she had been to and it was a case of 'The Last Straw' breaking something or other!

She stashed it all away under the bed, as normal, and went off to finish the bottle of bubbly she had been attacking all evening.

During the night, every time anyone in the caravan moved, there was a squeaking sound coming from under the bed! It drove us woofers mad, every time, a movement was followed by a squeak! Even when the ferrets turned over on their bed........squeak.........OTL moved........squeak......TM moved.....squeak........Daisy turned her head......squeak........Holly twitched her tail........SQUEAK!

Today, TM said she would find out what it was, first she blamed OTL and said it had always been there. Next she tried wobbling the bed and said that it was the bed. Then she decided to unload the contents of the space under the bed.

Squeak gone!

Then she started to put everything back and half way through.........SQUEAK!

OTL came over to have a look and decided that there was just too much 'Crafty Stuff' under the bed, in fact, too much for the caravan!

OTL repacked the stuff and got it all away from a join in the caravan flooring that was making the squeaking sound.

Trouble is, what is she going to do with the little bit she has left over?

A Little Bit Here

A Little Bit There

A Little Bit More Down the End!
Of course, that doesn't include the three and a half ton of stuff she has squirrelled away in the cupboards!

OTL says that one day he expects to see TM digging a hole in the caravan floor, just so she can stash more stuff under the caravan!

We went out a bit later this morning 'cos of the 'Squeak', but that did mean we would be able to watch the F1 racing without disturbing OTL!

It was good on t'Moors, all sunny and full of 'Weekend Bozo's'!

Is that Another bunch of Bozo's?
OTL was more interested in the Fungi to bother with Bozo's.

OK, but what's it called?

As we were getting back towards the car we spotted what we believe to be a 'Why Eye Man'!

It suddenly popped up, shouted Why Eye Man, and then disappeared into the heather!

Is it a 'Why Eye Man'?

Never seeing a Why Eye Man before we are not too sure, so any help you lot can give will be most welcome!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Oh dear, sounds like TM snuck a lodger in with the squeaking. One day a policeman will have a word with her about overloading and she'll have to leave something behind, hide girls, she might choose you two to leave behind. Those ferrets are well cheeky, pinching your chicken .......... tsk naughty. Beautiful pictures, love the rainbow. Don't worry about bozo's they're only allowed out one day a week. Arch isn't sure whether that's a why eye man or not, he's never seen one only heard about them. I hope you all get a better nights sleep tonight, unless the Eee Be Gooms and the Why eye Men have a party outside your caravan. Have a lovely evening all, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I love it, all that stuff you have carried around the countryside plus some more, I bet the house is quietly resting, no wonder you have a hole in the ceiling, I recon it was all this extra stuff causing it. Poor you with the squeak, I thought you had a squeaky ball stashed under there but it turned out to be the structure of the floor, doesn't sound healthy. Loved your story about the ferrets and the chicken dinner, I can see all this unfolding, I think your blog should be published, it is fabulous. Did you get to see F1 and are you all watching Strictly? Sleep well, have some more amazing walks and stories, see you here tomorrow! xxxxxx