Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Where did the sun go?

Hi Woofers!

We're back, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a day!

We were a bit lazy this morning and didn't wake Old Two Legs up until six thirty! Lucky lad had an extra fifteen minutes in bed!

Mind you, the weather wasn't the sunny morning we were expecting, instead it was all grey and misty and wet!

Old Two Legs was complaining about the camera not liking the dull weather and slowing the shutter speeds!

I can see it won't be long before he gets the big camera out 'cos it handles low light very well!

We went rushing off to see the rabbits but they were back in their warm burrows!

No Bunny's here!
 The ferrets weren't too happy about the misty rain that was falling down and making everyone wet and damp!

You know. we didn't even go on the beach 'cos OTL said we should really be in the warm!

This just Too Wet!
At the first chance Miss Snowflake was trying to get up OTL's leg and back in the bag but OTL said that if we were all in the wet then so should she!

Snowflake didn't think that was a good idea, so she showed off!

I wanna get back in The bag!
 There was a curlew on the beach having a poke around in the mud looking for some breakfast, so we left him to it and headed back to the car!

Anyone for breakfast?
Our Crop Circle display of sea shells had gone. Holly said that the UFO came back and 'cos it didn't get an answer it decided to try another planet!

OTL said that maybe when the weather gets better we could all try our paws at making a 'Shell Circle' of our own!

It's Gone!
 Heading back to the car a flock of geese flew over and Holly said that instead of Doggy Scoff, could she try a goose, roasted?

OTL said 'Yes' but only if you can catch one!

Back to Doggy Scoff!
 Now, we took a peek and Michael's blog and was most impressed with the pictures of the poppies at the Tower of London.

Putting aside the reason and the stories behind it all, we think they look super!

Michaels Blog

OK, OTL is still working away on the bathroom floor and is bitching about the pain in his knees!

I know it will be finished but not in time for The Missus to come back home to tomorrow. Maybe if she stayed away until Saturday, it may be finished.

Mind you, if she stayed away until Saturday we would have to put up with another Doggy Scoff dinner before she gets back, mmmmm!

Decisions, decisions!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Hi all and Daisy, thank OTL for the mention, it was very nice of him. Hope you are not missing TM to much I she comes tomorrow so be on your best behavior.
    Sue will be along shortly to give her proper comment, love to you all, Michael XXXX

  2. I saw Mikes pictures .... Fabulous xxx see you tomorrow girls
    TM xxx

  3. Thank you for the mention about the Poppies at the Tower of London. Michael does appreciate feedback from his Blog as you know yourself Daisy, lovely to know that people are out there.
    Now TM............ coming home tomorrow............ what happened............. did the babies get fed up with doggie scoff for their dinner while their "mummy and daddy" were at work? The bathroom won't be finished, still another pair of hands to help!
    Wasn't the day horrible compared to yesterday, no wonder the rabbits were in their burrows, I bet they never even got up. Poor little furries having to be out in the cold and damp that must have been a bit of a shock. OTL with have to get his muscles toned to carry his big camera around, still with all the work he has been doing around the house I expect he is all strong!!! Shame about the shell circles, you don't think it was the geese, you can't catch a squirrel or a rabbit so I think a goose, well, I think not. XXXX

  4. My goodness you girls are really so good to OTL, I hope he appreciated the extra 15 minutes and cooked you a lovely dinner. It was a shame about the rainy weather today, I hear it's going to be better tomorrow, well I hope so. I don't blame Miss Snowflake for wanting to get back in the bag, I see you had your coats on, so did little Arch when we went out this morning. It's a shame about the shells, perhaps the aliens only do shell circles when the sun is out, so fingers crossed for tomorrow. Hope the weather is better as well for TM's drive home, I know she is counting down the hours to getting back to you all and having snuggles with you's. I just hope that poor OTL's knees last out until TM gets home, she'll need to give him some TLC when she gets back. I'm just going to have a look at Michael's blog so have a relaxing evening and make the most of any shortbread treats and a big nip for OTL, love, licks and wags from a damp little Arch xxxx