Sunday, 2 November 2014

A Wet Sunday with OTL.

Hello Woofers!

Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, today The Missus got us up before the dawn even got out of bed! She wanted Old Two Legs to give her a lift to a pickup point, leaving home at six forty five!

We decided to stay in bed until he got back, I mean, sitting in a car is OK if your going somewhere but just to go into town and back again? No Thanks!

Mind you, we didn't have a good night 'cos some Bozo's were letting off Whizz Bangs locally to us and Holly got all upset. So, learning from last year, we all had to go to bed, together, at eight thirty!

Holly cuddles up to OTL and gets off to sleep and managed to stop shivering!

So, early morning are just for OTL & TM us and the ferrets stayed in bed!

When OTL got back we all headed off to the beach, it was dripping with rain and we all got wet, the ferrets us and OTL!

Back home OTL was busy clipping the ferrets claws and cleaning out their house.

Holly and I got a dry using our own towel then OTL gave us a brush and our monthly dose of anti flea stuff. Then it was a lazy day watching the F1 qualifying and OTL decided to watch the recordings of Game of Thrones, which TM hates!

Lunchtime we went out again and as soon as we got onto the Sea Wall, it started to rain again!

We cut the walk short and headed back home again but not before OTL spotted a fungi on the foot path!

Rubbish Photo!
We all reckon that Brambles could have done better with one paw behind his back!

OTL got the call to pick up TM from town and off he went, leaving us snoozing the evening away!

So, we are looking forward to the F1 Racing tonight, starting at seven and claws crossed for no Whizz Bangs, especially as it is pouring with rain at the moment!

See you tomorrow and we are going to let OTL to get his big camera out tonight as the light is disappearing fast down here in North Kent!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Wow, that TM really gets you girls up early when she's away for her glue and glittering trips. We had bozo's here last night letting off whizz bangs until gone midnight and they seem to have started up again this evening. I might have to get on my broomstick and go poke them with the opposite end to the brush. I hope poor Holly is feeling better and gets some peace this evening. It's a good job that you all snuggle together to help her feel better. I like the fungus, we have seen some with red tops on our walks. I bet TM is tired and looking forward to putting her feet up this evening. It's been quite a damp old day so I don't blame you for staying home as much as possible and snoozing in the warm. Hope you all have a lovely, peaceful, snoozy evening and fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. That poor OTL he does very well as a chauffeur and delivery man, does TM provide him with the hat to keep the top of his head warm when she makes him go out in the dark? We had a few whizz bangs but not as many as you so keep snuggled up together it will make Holly feel better. xxxx