Saturday, 29 November 2014

Bye Bye Workmen!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It's been a funny old day today, we were up and out before it was light, again!

'Coos The Missus is away 'Glue Slapping' there is no one at home when we go out for a walk and if there is no one at home then there is no one to let the workmen in to start work!

So, we had to get up early and get out and back again before they were due to turn up.

Which means more wee'ing in the dark!

When we got back, Old Two Legs got a message on his phone to say that they would be a bit late!

Holly said it would be a good idea if we set the ferrets on them, just to get them to move a bit quicker!

Before they arrived, OTL took a picture of the lounge to show that he prefers the 'Minimalist' look!

A Chair, a TV and somewhere to put your whisky!
Mind you, there is a load of stuff up stairs and in the Dining Room section it is a little 'crowded'!

Too Busy for us!
Mind you, the ferrets thought it was marvellous, loads of places to explore and get lost in!

We didn't take the camera this morning, too dark, but lunchtime it came walkies with us!

Mean an' Moody
 We had sunshine and a little breeze, nothing too cold and it was great fun on the beach.

Holly got into conversation with a couple of Westies and one wanted to come home with us 'cos he heard that I hadn't finished my Chicken & Biscuits!

Cheeky Woofer!

OTL, can he come home with us?
 Holly was all full of it, running and jumping and trying to fly again.

Undercarriage down!
 OTL pointed out a water pipe that had been leaking water for as long as we can remember. He says that it must be a drain from the Sea Wall somewhere.

It just keeps dribbling out!
 OTL sat on a bench while Holly and I were sniffing around the rabbits hunting ground and thought that he took loads of pictures of other people an very few of himself.

Taking pictures of himself is a bit of a problem 'cos his arms aren't long enough, so, he tried this way!

An OTL Selfie!

 I think he should next try mirrors!

Well, the workmen finished late this afternoon and they cleared off leaving OTL to re assemble the lounge.

So, now we are going to have some of his dinner and enjoy a snooze!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Poor home alone lot, no lay ins. If I were OTL I'd be quite happy to have the room as it was this morning, chair, telly and a side table, what else do you need, except a couple of woofers to snuggle with. I hope you told the plasterer man that you got up early so you could let him in! Lovely pics of your afternoon walk. OTL looks all bottom and little top in his photo. That Holly will talk to any old woofer, don't let her bring them home though, you don't know where they've been. What gourmet delight is OTL cooking and are you all going to get a share of it, I bet you do. Have a lovely evening, chilling with a nightcap and a snackette. I expect you're all a bit tired after putting back all the furniture. I think TM needs to give you all some TLC and do a bit of waiting on you all when she comes home after her glue flinging weekend. I saw a pic of her with an elf's hat on ............. tsk, Santa paws doesn't have glitter covered elves. Have a lovely lay in tomorrow to make up for all the early starts. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Simply love the pictures very much today, the Mean and Moody shot I thought you were wearing a white bobble hat, very fetching, Holly really is flying, she will need a Pet Passport soon. I don't suppose you appreciated the water shot but Michael and I thought it was superb, it's the sort of water shots we like not all misty. Now the selfie looks very Mean and Moody, already for a horror film perhaps.
    The lounge shot, chair, table for whiskey and TV, also near the kitchen ready to dive out to do some cooking, good lad! Hope TM likes the new look but I suppose you have to move all the stuff from the other end before she comes home, pity you had plenty of room to stretch out as it was, oh well, hope you made the most of it. Enjoy your dinner and give TM a big welcome home, she misses you all so much when she is away. xxxx