Saturday, 15 November 2014

Do we look The Business or Wot?

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

This morning we were up early, in fact Holly and I were up about four fifteen, Holly decided to go down stairs and spend some time on the sofa while I gave Old Two Legs a lick behind the ear then cuddled up to him and went back to sleep!

The Missus got up early to get her stuff packed ready for her day at the village 'Glue & Glitter Bash'!

Holly said that she makes too much noise, so as soon as she started crashing about, Holly legged it back up OTL's bed!

We got OTL up earlier 'cos we had to take TM to the hall and then we needed to get our walk in before heading off to the Poodle Parlour!

It was spitting with rain and OTL had brought our rain coats with us so we were well protected.

Unlike the Ferrets!

They stayed in the Ferret Bag until OTL emptied them out on the beach.

Miss Snowflake headed for the rocks and tried skipping from one rock to the other, until.......

Oh No! Not again!
 Mr Brambles stayed away from the water and spent some time digging a ditch in the sand!

He said that he had heard that pirates buried treasure on the beach and he was looking for some!

Looking for buried treasure!
 After a while Snowflake got back onto the rocks again and was looking around for the 'Slimy Wet Thing' but we reckon it was hiding to get out of the rain!

No, can't see anything!
 Then Miss Snowflake decided that enough was enough and decided that she would rather be back in the bag again!

So, back went Snowflake and she stayed there until we got off the beach and into the grass.

Come on OTL, I want back in!
Back to the car for a towel down and then off to the Poodle Parlour.

Well, we both got washed, blow dried, clipped, shaved and squirted with smelly stuff!

When OTL came to pick us up at two thirty we were good and ready to get out of there!

The only trouble was, yep, you guessed, it was raining!

So, on with our rain coats again and of course, we couldn't show off our new hair cuts but at least it was better than getting too wet!

It's a Daisy Dog!
 Holly was all full of it 'cos she could see now the hair had been cut away from over her eyes!

Here's a Holly Dog!
 Back home OTL cooked up our Lambs Heart, all juicy bits with mixer biscuits and a drizzle of gravy over the meat and biscuit, it was Lovely!

So, claws crossed for a dry day tomorrow so we can show off our hair cut to all the lads!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Wow, you certainly do look the business. Is Mr Brambles thinking of joining a pirate gang if he finds treasure? Miss Snowflake doesn't learn that where the wet slimey thing is, there's water. I hope it wasn't too cold for her. Did you pick up any local gossip at the beauty parlour? Was someone snoring loudly to make Holly go downstairs to sleep? I think you had the right idea, stay up and be snuggled in bed. perhaps you should suggest that TM sleeps downstairs the night before her glue and glitter days, then she wouldn't wake you up so early. Hope the rain stays away tomorrow, I'll be seeing TM, shall I suggest that she asks OTL for a few cooking lessons so she can cook your scoff the way you like it? Have a good night's sleep tonight girls, no doubt TM will be crashing about early tomorrow and disturbing you both. Love, licks and wags from little (wowser what a pair of beauties) Arch xxxx

  2. You look the real deal with those hair cuts, I hope having to put your raincoats on it didn't spoil your spa treatment look? I will have to wait until tomorrow to see the transformations. Snowflake is really getting into this rock clambering thing, once she is out of the bag that is, did Mr Brambles find any buried treasure? Lazy Sunday has found just the answer to your disturbed mornings, TM sleeping down stairs meaning that you all get more peace before having to get up to help chauffeur her, also Doggie Cookery Lessons, just the job! After the weekend I am posting something for you to show to TM, I will let you know when it is in the post so you can watch out for it. She will love it, really love it, she will!!!!! Lovely pictures today showing the dampness but what a happy Holly, she seems to be much better now, I am glad. x Have a lovely Sunday, I am going to see my Daisy so feel pleased about that. xxxx

  3. Mmmm ...what is Sue up to I wonder? Sleeping downstairs... not sure about that!..... But OTL and you two do snore!
    Your haircuts are wonderful and you both smell LOVELY!
    no rollin in stuff!
    TM xxx