Thursday, 20 November 2014

Have we got a Diva or Wot!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Now, there has been a security leak on the thing Old Two Legs calls Flace Block! It seems that someone has let out that The Missus is doing some video on how to slosh paint and glitter and glue all over cards to get an 'Impressionist' result.

It's a bit like OTL and his Ethereal Mushrooms!

Well, there was no mention of it when we went out for our morning walk. Every thing as normal, sniffs, wee's and a poo in the long grass!

Holly found a ball and we chased that for a while, until the next sniff came up!

Hey! Look! I Gotta Ball!
Down on the beach there was another Ethereal Morning for OTL to snap away at!

You'd think he would get fed up with photographing the same thing every morning!

Another Ethereal Morning!
We all had a run up and down the beach and Miss Snowflake was having fun chasing Mr Brambles and she kept licking his ear!

Of course, that drove him mad and he kept rolling onto his back every time she started on his ear!

Go on lad or I'll bite yer Tail!
Back home we had Lambs Heart and TM actually drizzled some gravy over the meat and biscuits, just like OTL does!

What's she after?

Well, the morning passed and nothing untoward happened, OTL went out to deliver a parcel and then it was lunchtime!

On the Sea Wall we saw these woofers walking towards us. As they got nearer they started to bark, and bark, and bark, AND BARK!

I've never heard such a lot of noise coming from such little woofers!

They were yapping so much that they didn't even tell us their names!

Holly gave them names, Squirt and Squiggle!

Though we were not sure who was Squirt and who was Squiggle!

Squirt & Squiggle
Back home and it started.

OTL got out all the lights and tripods and video camera and the whole place was turned up side down as the lounge was transformed into a film set!

Well, the first video went off OK, after take 26!

Then we started to work on the next two.

Well, this lot was supposed to be all about Brusho Paints and how to use them.  TM can use them with no real problem. Trouble is, she can't talk and make cards at the same time or even keep to the script!

We had tantrums, shouting, brushes thrown up in the air, cards thrown in the rubbish bag and TM holding her head and shouting 'The Gods are Against Me'!

Holly and I thought she was just showing off 'cos she was rushing it too much!

It didn't help when OTL asked if she would like more time to learn how to do it properly!

What she said she was going to do with his head was physically impossible, we think!

So, in the end we only had one demo 'In the Can' and tomorrow we will start again!

Holly says that we should all be wearing 'Hard Hats' just in case she starts throwing things about if she gets another strop on!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh dear!! I do hope the Gods are smiling on you all tomorrow!! We do appreciate all the efforts put in for us crafters, thank you! TM is an absolute star and OTL a real trooper!

  2. So that was what all the noise was about! This is going to be a long job getting all those videos made, oh dear, if I was "you four" I would go and hide in the caravan taking some bedding, food and water with you. Second thoughts, bedding, lots of food and lots of water then you will be safe for the duration. Artisteeest are a fickle bunch and need humouring.
    Squirt and Squiggle look cute, perhaps a but excitable, you all had fun on the beach this morning, OTL does like his Ethereals and enjoys his photography as much as you like searching squirrels and rabbits so you go well together. Glad you had your Lambs Heart and with gravy over, see TM knows how to spoil you. Have a nice Friday, keep out of harms way and report back. xxxx

  3. Wow, TM has taken cooking lessons from OTL, I hope she can keep it up and keep to his standards. Now we know why she was so good giving you a lovely breakfast, she wanted your help to make the videos. I hope no one got hurt during the videoing, sounds like OTL came pretty close. I can't imagine where she was going to put his head, I wonder if it was anything to do with a place where the sun don't shine, I hope not! I hope she has done a rehearsal now and has got her composure. If she acts up again today I think perhaps you or Holly should take over. I hope she didn't disturb Snowflake or Mr Brambles. How about if she has little advert breaks during the filming so that she can go over the next stage in her demo. You and Holly could do adverts for decent doggie scoff, first aid lessons for two legs and then you could do an advert for guard ferrets chasing politicians away from the front door. TM could have soothing cups of tea whilst the adverts are being filmed. OTL could put the out takes on at the end. Glad you all had a good time at the beach, I'm surprised you and Holly didn't put those yappers in their places. Love OTL's pictures, keep them coming. Hope you all had a peaceful evening after the antics of the filming. Better luck today. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx