Friday, 28 November 2014

Old Inky Fingers has gone!

Hello Woofers!

Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Today we have been turfed out of bed too early, confined to locked rooms, kept in the dark about what is happening when we can hear such terrible noises down stairs!

It started with another 'Dark' walk on the beach. Miss Snowflake reversed into a large rock pool and had a wee while swimming back to the shore!

Mr Brambles stayed on the sand and just dug a hole, well, it's better than falling off the rock!

When we got back home there was a strange sniff of a Two Legs, Old Two Legs said it was Darren who had come to sort out the hole in the ceiling, you know, the one where all that water came sloshing down ages ago!

Well, he has been scraping and cutting and nailing and using an electric scraper that OTL reckons sounds like a dentist drill!


After doing all that he has now re plastered the ceiling in the dining area that is now TM's 'Work Station'!

Yus Mate! Then we just Slap it on, upside down!
There was so much noise that we stayed with OTL in his office and tried to sleep!

It didn't always work, so, just a bit earlier than normal we told OTL that it was time for 'Walkies'!

It was a bit chilly again but we had a run on the beach which warmed us up. 

As we trotted along the Sea Wall, there, in the distance, we saw a TL with a woofer, and it looked HUGE!

I thought that it would be a good idea to take a 'Low Profile', so I went into my 'Commando Mode' and did the Commando Creep!

He won't see me like this!

OTL was laughing his head off, why was I doing the Commando Creep?

'Shh!' I said, 'Trouble Ahead'

It looks very dangerous to me!
Then, without any warning whatsoever, the TL and the woofer turned right and went up the hill so as not to cross our path!

OTL said that we had scared him off by creeping along looking all 'Mean and Nasty'!

Yeah, Right, that's us!

Back home and we were locked in the bedroom while OTL took TM down to The Cat Woman who was driving them both off to their weekend of Glue Slapping!

That means, OTL will be cooking our dinners!


The Plasterer Man will be back tomorrow to finish off the lounge, so that will be a laugh, OTL reckons we may head off to The Forest for a longer walk and he can wear his new wellies, he is a big puppy really, he just wants to slosh around in the muddy bits!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. Oh Daisy, that's no good, no lay in again!!!! Put your paw down with a firm claw! Insist on staying in bed until a reasonable time. Good to hear the plasterer man has turned up and is sorting the ceiling and will continue tomorrow to sort the rest. I bet TM will be glad to come home to a new ceiling. What a shame you had to walk in the dark this morning, perhaps OTL should fit reversing lights to the back of Miss Snowflake. I think Mr Brambles had a sensible idea to just dig a hole. Wow, don't you look ferocious in commando mode. I bet that woofer told his TL that he didn't fancy coming across two commando woofers. So inky fingers and the cat woman have gone off to play with glue and glitter for the weekend, I hope they behave and don't get thrown out! I've been in their company before when they got over excited with the glue pots. You have OTL all to yourselves now, so I reckon a long play plodging in the mud down the forest sounds about right. Enjoy your gourmet dinners and all the muggings from OTL, has he still got some shortbread left to have with a little nip before bed time? Don't forget, not too many rude songs tonight or the neighbours will be reporting back to TM. Have a lovely evening, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. If you have to keep getting up early you will be completely frazzled and looks like early tomorrow as well. The ceiling is looking good, did you say that the room is going to be decorated as well, more early mornings, poor you. TM has deserted a sinking ship and run off with a pot of glitter, oh dear, in your time of need as well, still you have your Master Chef there to cook you superb meals. You were very good in your commando mode, that was enough to frighten off any big woofers who had designs on you. Looking forward to pictures of "The New Boots" getting the mud pie treatment, be careful and don't get your little boots too muddy, OTL won't like all the drop outs in the car and the ferrets mights not like swimming in the mud. Take care and enjoy yourselves, try to get some shut eye while the plasterer finishes off. xxxx