Saturday, 22 November 2014

OTL has got a Head Ache!

Hi Woofers!

Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, today has been 'Interesting'!

First of all, thanks to Sue who sent a couple of pages of 'Doggy Recipes'!

There was Apple & Cheese Treats, we just love Gorgonzola Cheese!

Then there is Chilly Con Carne with Kidney Beans, Holly had some of Old Two Legs Chilly one time and suffered with terrible wind. No, to be correct, we all suffered from Holly who had the 'Windies'!

We have given the recipes to The Missus to try out on OTL first!

 Down on the beach today Miss Snowflake managed to find a place that she considered was 'Private' enough!

Where's the paper?
 Mr Brambles kept following us around the beach trying out our sniffs!

Wotcha Got Girls?
I must say, the weather was all sort of grey looking and we spotted a Wormy Man out on the mud, Holly says that it must be a very lonely job!

Lonely Saturday for the Wormy Man!
Back home we watched a bit of F1 on the TV then OTL went off to do some 'Editing' of the videos for TM.

It was not a good day for OTL, 'cos the camera saves the film as a .pvbve file which is peculiar to the Canon Camcorder and of course, Yoo Toob accepts .wmv files. So trying to get them converted from one to the other is causing him some problems!

The editing program he got with the camera is not very OTL friendly so OTL has been spending some time 'Talking' to the  Program and The Computer and The Screen and The Keyboard!

He was trying to up load at one time using TM's account on Google and he got blocked from Google at one point which didn't improve his temper and only increased his word count!

Poor OTL, you know we had to take him out for an early afternoon walk 'cos he was too late for the lunchtime walk!

Down on the beach he played tricks on Holly and me by hiding behind the break water!

OK, where has he gone?
Then he would poke his head around the corner and say 'Boo!'

A big Bozo woofer came along the Sea Wall while we were playing 'Chase' along the beach and said that we making too much noise!

I said that if he came down onto the beach we would 'Sort Him Out!'

Yeah, come down here and say that Bozo Chops!
 So, he did! I legged it back to OTL and left Holly to sort him out, which she did with one of her big Woofs!

Woof Off You Bozo!
 And he did!

We had a laugh about that and headed off down the beach again when we noticed that OTL wasn't with us!

He's gone again!
He was playing his game again! Mind you, he couldn't get away from us 'cos he is too big and too slow!

Back home to where OTL spent some more time in the 'Editing Suite' and in the end he said that his 'Head was Hurting' and he was going to leave it all until tomorrow!

We have decided that OTL should stick to his normal camera and leave the films to Spielberg!

See you all tomorrow!

Keep yer Tail Up Lucy!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Poor OTL, he needs lots of licks and snugs tonight. I bet his vocabulary grew and yours. Those recipes sound interesting, I suggest that Holly doesn't try the chilli beans if it causes you problems Daisy. Lovely pictures today, tell Miss Snowflake she has to take her own paper down to the beach. I think Mr Brambles was sneaking up on you two to see if he could make you jump. I think you girls should have put OTL back on his lead this afternoon, he'd do that to you if you hide from him. Good on Holly for seeing off that bozo woofer, it's always best to get someone else to do it Daisy. Hope you all have a good evening and hope OTL's head is better soon. Perhaps if you lay on his pillow and wrap yourself round his head to keep it warm tonight, it might help. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Glad you liked the Dog Recipe article, when I saw it I decided that I just had to send it to you, I thought the dog biscuit shaped biscuits looked good and also the tip about microwaving vegetable peelings and mixing with your meat and biscuits to give free food. That would appeal to TM, even cheaper than Doggie Scoff!!
    Sorry that OTL has had great problems with the video editing because it was a while since he edited for You Tube and I expect he has forgotten how he overcame it before. Glad he had a nice game of Peek a Boo with you and Holly showed her metal with her great big WOOF, you are safe with Holly around. Sunday tomorrow and F1 racing so TM will be occupied and if Lewis Hamilton wins the championship it will be champers around tomorrow night. Maybe OTL will sort out the video as the fans are all out there waiting with their Brushos at the ready. Watch out for the sneaky Mr Brambles on the beach, you could sneak up on him and say "Boo" that would teach him. xxxx and for OTL and TM xx