Monday, 3 November 2014

What a Wet One!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Last night Miss Holly Dog was all upset again and spent most of the evening cuddles up to Old Two Legs on his chair, I was there too, that was until the shortbread ran out, then I headed off to the office for a snooze while OTL watched the F1 Racing.

The Missus was whacked out after her day of demo's and chatting and she fell asleep on the sofa!

Then the Whizz Bangs started and Holly stayed cuddled up with OTL who had turned the volume up on the TV to help drown out the Whizz Bangs!

Finally we all got to bed and Holly stayed cuddled up to OTL all night, there was no room for me at all, so I stayed on my cushion and chewed my Rawhide Chew!

This morning we went out for a walk and OTL forgot the camera, which in hind sight, was a good thing 'cos when we got to the beach it started to rain and it got heaver the closer we got to the car!

We were all running back and even the ferrets didn't hang about too much!

In the car, OTL dried off the ferrets first and then gave Holly and me a good rub down as well.

There was a small problem, OTL was standing at the back of the car drying us off but the rain was blowing the rain straight onto OTL's back. Now normally that wouldn't be a problem but today he didn't have his waterproof trousers on and ended up having to drive home with a soggy butt!

Mind you, he did have the heated seat on full blast!

Holly and I decided that it was best if we stayed under our covers for the morning and enjoy a warm snooze!

Safe & Warm in OTL's Office!
The only person working was OTL, everyone else was asleep!

Lunchtime comes and we all pretend we are still asleep 'cos we can hear the wind and the rain beating on the windows!

Holly had an urgent need to chase some pigeons that had landed in the garden but after taking two steps outside the kitchen door, turn a full one hundred and eighty degrees and shot back inside!

About one thirty, OTL announces that we are going out for a walk, not too sure about that but we play along with him. We were sure he knew something we didn't 'cos it was pouring down when we went out the front door!

When we arrived at the turning off to the car park, it had notices saying that the road was closed for 'Resurfacing'!

Well, that was it, rain and resurfacing!

Back home we went and landed up in the playing field behind our house where it was still wet but not raining!

It really wasn't the ideal place for a walk, all muddy like!

I asked if we could go home now.

Can I do a wee in the garden?
 Holly pointed out the path leading back home.

Look! I can see a quick way home!
 But OTL insisted on walking us all the way around the park, so we did a couple of wee's, just to keep him happy.

Holly even asked if OTL could climb up the tree and get a couple of the big cones so we could chase after them, in the direction of home!

Honking Great Cones!
When we finally got in, both Holly and I headed back to our sleeping places and returned to our well earned snooze!

This is the place to be, we can wee later!
So, not too sure what OTL has got for dinner tonight but we hope it will be 'Muggable'!

See you tomorrow, if the rain keeps off!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh dear, what a shame, not a good day for being out and about. I really don't blame you for going back home and snuggling up under a blanket. I hope poor Holly gets a bit of peace and quiet tonight, those people letting off whiz bangs should be tied to them then blasted off into space. Poor Daisy, no room on the bed for you :( how kind of you though to let Holly stay snuggled to OTL. Sorry to hear about OTL's wet butt but I bet with a heated seat he soon got it dry and warm again. I hear TM has lost her voice! This is no good, how will you hear her shout when your dinner is ready? Hope you get some good muggings later. Have a lovely snuggly evening and hope the Whizz bangers are all suffering with flu so they stay home and give you a peaceful evening, Love, licks and wags from little (snuggling on the sofa) Arch xxxx

  2. Oh dear, it did rain, sometimes hard and sometimes even harder and just when I thought the sun was going to come out it changed its mind and the rain came back. It seems that you did manage a walk of some sort and at least OTL stayed drier once he had cooked himself in the car. Not sure those heated seats are good for you, ummm, oh well I suppose he needed to get dry and maybe he won't suffer the consequences! Hope OTL hasn't lost his voice so you can hear that dinner is ready, keep your noses poised for the delicious drift of food! Have a quiet evening all snug and warm and let's hope you can have a drier day tomorrow for a race about. xxxx