Monday, 15 December 2014

Back to Work, but not for us!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

It's been a bit of a slow day here, we stayed in bed a bit longer and snoozed away an extra half an hour while Old Two Legs got the ferrets sorted out and dressed in their walking harness.

Then it was off down to the Sea Wall and the beach. The sun was poking it's head over Sheerness but it hadn't fully got out of bed yet!

Wake up Sunshine!
Miss Snowflake was clambering over the rocks, as usual, and managed to get back without falling in the water or getting her paws wet!

Nearly There!
Then, with one mighty leap, she landed on the sand and scurried off to get back into the ferret bag!

Made It!
By now, Mr Brambles had woken up and was having fun seeing how far he could run up the sea wall before he fell off again!

Yeah, I know, but it's a 'Ferret Thing'!

..........and up we go again!
 On the way back to the car we had to pass a Two Legs who was walking three Bozo Woofers, they were more interested in sniffing the ferrets than saying hello to us!

Then we found out that the TL also kept ferrets but only had one at the moment. Well, that was it, him and OTL stood gassing for ages about ferrets and the like!

Back home to a bowl of Classy Scoff and then off to bed for a snooze while OTL was playing in the office!

Lunch time we met up with Dave, he's a Westie who we meet every so often. He came bounding up and said a quick 'Hellooo!' to Holly and me.

Helloo Girls!
 Then he went rushing off to OTL to say hello and get a tickle!

Hellooooooo  OTL! Gissa Tickle?
Wot a Tart!

Holly and I have given up on him now, he has something about OTL and Tickles!

 He really ought to get out more often and meet more woofers!

After the walk we headed off to The Vet!

Now we weren't too sure what we were going down there for but Holly and I said we were fit and in full health and there was nothing we really needed from the vet especially if it come on the end of a big sharp needle!

We got into the reception and headed for the weighing machine, as we do normally.

I weighed in at 7.8kg, a bit heavier than last time!

Holly weighed in at a whooping big 10.0kg!

We have never been as heavy as that before! OTL said that we will have to loose a few kg's after Christmas.

He also said that he will have to loose a few as well!

Luckily enough, the only thing OTL wanted in the vets was our worming tablets, so we are looking forward to having some fun spitting them out of what ever OTL tries to wrap them in this time!

Let the battle commence!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. You girls certainly sound as though you had the pickle in you today. Staying in bed for extra time, giving up on poor old Dave and then challenging OTL to getting your worming tablets down you. Tell OTL you need a bit extra insulation during the cold winter. It doesn't sound to me as though you're overweight Miss Daisy, Holly though, well, maybe just a little tad or 2. Glad Miss Snowflake didn't get her paws wet this morning and look at Mr Brambles, he looks like he's doing a daring wall of death challenge. Glad you got some posh nosh today. I bet you got a bit worried when you pulled up at the vets, glad you didn't get anything sharp stuck in you. Has the decorator man finished yet? Have a lovely snuggly evening with some snoozes. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I was watching a short film today and I really thought for one moment or four that I saw you, Holly and OTL down by the beach, I thought no can't be, I don't know anyone that famous, silly me!
    Hope you have had fun with the worming tablets, maybe OTL has devised some cunning plan to get them inside you without you knowing, going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out! OTL will be needing to let your coats out with all this weight gain, 10 kg, it is a good job that the vet doesn't count in pounds and ounces or you would be over seventeen pounds and Holly would be twenty two pounds, you didn't find out how many pounds OTL weighs, fair is fair he knows your weight!
    Love your stories of day to day life, really a treat to read and you have such nice lives with TL's who care, that's what I like. Mr Brambles seems to enjoy his Wall of Death, he will be selling tickets soon. xxxx