Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day!

Hi Woofers!

It's us back again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

It has been a bit chilly today and we hear there is a warning about the Snow Fairy turning up here in North Kent!

This morning we were up late again and it was all rush and tear to get out. This means that the ferrets didn't get their run around the office and have a chance of a wee or a poo before going out, for a wee and a poo!

One thing you must understand about ferrets, it can take just one hour between chew chew and poo poo!

Well, Old Two Legs didn't get his timings right and Mr Brambles got this terrible urge to have a poo, half way to the car park!

Mind you, he decided that he didn't want to mess in the travelling cage, so he backed up to the door and went for it!

Get Out and Walk!
OTL had to clean it all up when he got back home. You know, it's all part of sharing your world with ferrets!

The sun was well up and OTL tried to get a 'Moody' shot but we thing he failed on this occasion!

The Sun's well up today!
 Holly and I had a good run up and down the beach and along the Sea Wall!

Can't catch me!
 Miss Snowflake took one look at the mud and decided that she would go back and climb over the rocks!

This looks Yucky!
 Once again, as soon as she found her rock she was OK!

What you looking at?
Then, just as we were about to head up the grass path, along came a Wormy Man! It was obvious, he had spent too much time in bed and was late arriving on the beach, all his mates were already out there!

There goes a Wormy Man, Late Again!
Back home OTL was working on the electrical wiring for the caravan. He had promised to get it up and running again and today he finished the job!

Well done OTL!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and there were loads of Two Legs and their woofers as well, a lot we didn't know!

Holly, always the friendly woofer, said hello to a few of them but they didn't hang about 'cos their owner kept calling them away!

Can't stop, she's calling us!
We did spot a family doing something unusual, they were having a Bar-B-Q in the car park!

Now, we have seen them doing it on the beach but never in the car park!

A Boxing Day Activity?
Holly and I have been playing 'Pinch The Chew' today and so far I'm in the lead, I've pinched her chew twice, but OTL keeps on making me give it back!

It's good to hear that Archie Babe has been enjoying the 'Squeaky's', we have been driving The Missus potty with the squeaks and rattles!

See you all tomorrow


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Whoops' Brambles!


  1. Good to hear you had another lay in, doesn't do any harm on a cold morning. Poor Mr Brambles, good job he's a good shot. I think Miss Snowflake needs to have a word with TM and ask her to make her a sign so that when she goes for a wee, the sign says PRIVATE, poor girl, can't wee in peace. Looks like you and Holly were running off all the extra scoff you had yesterday. I hear Holly has a bit of a grumbly tum, hope it's getting better. Those people look a bit strange having a BBQ in the car park, not really the time of year you would expect to see people with a BBQ, did you manage to mug anything from them? Has TM been playing with her new toy today? I'm looking forward to seeing what she makes with it. Good to hear you're still enjoying your pressies, Archie just loves the pig, I think he thinks it's a pup, we have to take it away every so often so that he doesn't make a hole in it, he's not a happy chappy when we do. Last night he went to bed with the frog you bought him and the snowman that he also got for xmas. Arch quite likes xmas and has asked if we can do it again another time. Have a lovely evening, stay warm if the snow fairy comes around. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxx

  2. So you missed out on the invite to The Car Park BBQ, never mind when you have your next one on the beach don't invite them! A lovely task Mr 'Whoops' Brambles set OTL, I suppose it was better on the carpet than in the travelling box? And much better than on the "new" lounge carpet! I was told that it sleeted on the A2 between Whitstable and Gillingham on the afternoon of 26th and those poor people in Norfolk stranded overnight, I don't do snow, it's alright out of the window with a cupboard full of food but.....