Thursday, 11 December 2014

It's another Sunny Day.

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

The decorator men were early today 'cos they are starting on the wallpapering. So, that means we all had to be up early as well. Not that would worry us woofers 'cos as soon as Old Two Legs and The Missus got up, we went back to sleep again!

OTL decided that it was a bit colder and a bit windy as well and the 'Wind Chilly Factor'  would come into play, so that means our 'Flying Jackets' were got out!

It was fun getting them put on 'cos Holly and I were still in 'Snoozy Mode' and didn't want to stand up to have them put on us. So, instead, OTL had to get them both on 'Floppy Puppies'!

Mind you, once we had got outside the front door we were bouncing along and looking forward to our walk!

I'm ready for some Zoooming!
Down on the beach OTL was trying to catch the sunrise again and we think that yesterdays was better but he has to work with what he sees!

It's Morning Again!
 We think that yesterdays was so much more colourful!

Mind you, that didn't stop Miss Snowflake heading off to the 'Wee'ing Rock'! 

Your Peeking!
After she had finished she wanted to get back into the bag again but OTL said she had to have a run and anyway she had a 'Grubby Nose' !

OTL wipe my Nose?
In the end OTL had to pick her up and give her nose a wipe to get the mud off.

Then she scrambled into the Ferret Bag and stayed there until we got off the beach!

While this was going on, I had found a really smelly bit of beach where a crab had been opened up and used for breakfast by a gull, so I had a roll!

A Real Smelly Roll!
I really do love a roll!

Back home we had some of that 'Classy Scoff', Holly finished hers off straight away but I decided I would save mine until after our lunchtime walk.

We met up with Mrs Corvid who was on the beach looking for her lunch. She said she had found a couple of whelks and a couple of fishy bits but nothing  'really exciting'!

It's Lunch Time
 I was lucky, we met up with the 'Scruff Bags' and their TL offered me a nibble. I wasn't too sure if I was going to like it but the way they kept on rushing up and taking it made me agree to have a nibble!

Shall I or Shan't I? Decisions, Decisions!
 Surprisingly, Holly decided not to have a nibble and wandered off to have a wee, which was most unusual for her, refusing a nibble, not having a wee!

Back home the decorator men were working well and Holly decided that she would keep an eye on them, so she got up onto the sofa to watch them and at the same time browsed the 'Paint Chart' to see if there were any bone colours that would look good on the wallpaper!

This colour Chart is so tiring!
 So, that was it really, I fell asleep under OTL's desk and Holly snoozed amongst the dust sheets!

Can't get better than that!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Glad to see you and Holly are getting your full quota of snooze. Lovely sky photo, it's hard to say which one is best. How did Miss Snowflake get mud on her nose? How nice for the scruffs TL to offer you a nibble ........... are you sure Holly is quite well? She turned down a bit of scoff? hmmmmmm. You do look snuggly in those flying jackets, glad they are keeping you warm. Hope that Holly didn't pinch your posh scoff, that might be why she decided she didn't want a nibble. I can see choosing colours is very tiring, Holly should have asked TM to help her, still at least she had a nice snooze when she'd finished looking at the charts. I think you had the best idea to snooze under OTL's desk, sleeping near decorator men might mean you end up getting sloshed with their glue. Have a lovely evening, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I think yesterdays sky picture was better but today's had that little cloud in the middle. Holly not nibbling that's very unusual, you didn't say what it was but you seemed to enjoy it whatever it was. You look so snug in those flying jackets and glad to know the sewing is still holding up, maybe the little ones could do with a pair of those, wouldn't that be good? Has Holly decided on the colour after spending all that time studying the charts, so many different shades and hues how to choose, that is the question! xxxx