Friday, 5 December 2014

OTL Finds a New Fungi and We Spot a Squirrel!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

First thing this morning it was all grey and damp, in fact Old Two Legs didn't even take his camera with him!

Miss Snowflake decided that getting back in the bag was the best option but she had to put up with a cuddle on OTL's arm!

That was it, she said that she might as well get down and go sniffing!

So she did!

OTL spent all morning getting some stuff 'out' for one of his customers who was all in a panic!

Holly and I got Doggy Scoff, not the normal rubbish, this one was Chicken with some rice and other stuff like peas and carrots and other stuff that didn't taste too bad!

Holly and I finished that off and retired to our beds for a snooze until lunchtime.

OTL had done all his stuff and now it was down to the carrier to get it all shipped off and of course that means we just had to visit The Forest!

Come on, let's hunt Squirrel!
We set off sniffing and hunting and searching for squirrels while OTL went hunting fungi. We were sploshing and squelching through the mud when OTL suddenly said 'Look, a New Fungi'!

There, on top of a stump, growing out of the moss, the most odd looking fungi. OTL said he hadn't seen one like this before and he was going to look it up in his 'Fungi Book' tonight.

Strange or wot!
Of course, OTL was clicking away and finally he stopped and headed off down the path.

Then he stopped, and looked at trunk that had been chopped down.

There, sitting amongst the moss, fungi!

Now this looked like the other fungi but not grown yet!

Another one for him to look for tonight!

Is it related?
Holly and I headed off looking for squirrels, well, lets face it, you can't chase fungi!

I think I see a Squirrel!
I Did! I saw a squirrel scamper through the undergrowth and then shot up a tree trunk and it sat on a branch chattering at us!

Nah! Nah! Nah!
I said that maybe we should try climbing up and chase him out of the tree!

Climb up there? Your on your own Sis!
Holly came up with another super idea, 'Let's sit on a log, be very quiet and just wait for a squirrel to pass by!'

How long have we got to wait?
We sat there for a while and there was no passing squirrel to interest us! OTL was still scrabbling around in the undergrowth looking for more fungi.

We were watching him and Holly called out, 'Look above you!'

Another Bracket type Fungi!
Looks very nice and the bright light was hidden by the tree trunk so the fungi wasn't dried out!

Back home for a snooze until dinner time when we are expecting The Missus to serve up another helping of the Classy Doggy Scoff!

We have tomorrow to look forward to, TM is off to her Master Class and we got all day with OTL!

Loads of Fun!

We heard that Lucy was in for another session, so we are sending licks and woofs to her and hope she is feeling better soon!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Glad the weather was a bit better for you today. I don't think I could have been tempted down on the beach like Miss Snowflake, I'd sooner stay cuddled up in a warm arm. So, TM has found some classy doggie scoff, well I suppose if you must be served with it a gourmet one is better than run of the mill doggie scoff. Looks like fun at the forest this afternoon, liking OTL's fungi finds, though the one starting to grow looks more like a woofer's calling card. I bet that squirrel had something to say to you for disturbing it's rummage thru the forest, they can be quite rude you know. Have a lovely evening with snoozes and snacks, hope Holly's tum is better. Love, lick and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Hey Daisy and's me Lucy here. That stuff they keep giving me is Yuk but it seems to be working at least. Only week 4 so have 21 more weeks to go. I have a nice Dr called Isabelle who seems to know her stuff.....yesterday instead of sending me off to sleep while they did their stuff she put some magic cream on my leg once she shaved it and it made it that I couldn't feel anything while that nasty medicine was put into my leg. It all sounds yukky but so far so good so I'm not feeling too bad....... Lucky me I've got 1 weeks rest from going to see Isabelle next week, only a blood test with my other Vet Kate. This week my Mum is going into Hospital which will be a bit strange not having her around to kiss and cuddle me so it looks like a few days the "Grumpy" he's not that bad really as he looks after us and gives us a cuddle when she not there and of course does our grub for us...... Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow with OTL whilst the Missus is Glue Slapping !!! Lots of love and licks and kisses, Lucy Kissame Lait...... I forgot to tell you I got a new Jumper with a Fur Collar to keep me warm in this miserable weather xxx

    1. Glad to hear those vets are treating you kindly. Some vets are very good and subscribe to my thinking of "you don't hurt me and I won't hurt you" my TM says it works for her with the dentist. Hope your TL makes a big fuss of you when your TM is in hospital, I'm sure he will be, he'll probably make extra fuss of you because he'll be missing your TM as well. Glad to hear that you've got a new jumper with a fur collar, that sounds very posh and warm while it's so chilly. Keep yer tail up Lucy, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxx

  3. OTL is doing very well in the fungi stakes, what different ones he has found, really strange some of them, not sure what I think of the black round ones, maybe a very large rabbit called by. Love the picture of you two waiting for squirrels, I wonder how long you would have waited before a squirrel ambled by? What's this new doggie scoff TM has been spending her pennies on, chicken with rice and vegetables and you ate it, that's a miracle! It did brighten up today so hopefully once TM has gone off to her Master Class tomorrow you will have some more bright and you can have a wow of a time on the beach or the park. Bye bye for now. xxxx