Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Sunrise, Cold Beach and a please can Snowflake have an Ice Axe!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles but no Snow Fairy!

Yep! That's right, no snow down here. When we got up this morning there was so much frost over everything that at first we thought the Snow Fairy had arrived but Old Two Legs said it was a 'Heavy Frost'!

Down on the beach we managed to start our walk before the sun got out of bed! There was just a reddish glow in the sky.

Before the Sun got up!
By the time we got to the path to the beach the Sun was just visible over Sheerness!

Good Morning Mr Sun!
 It was only a couple of minutes or so before the Sun finally rolled out of bed and was starting his journey across the sky.

OK, the day has started!
 Miss Snowflake just went as far as the waters edge and decided it was too cold to climb across the rocks. Mr Brambles was in agreement and said he wasn't going into the water, the beach was good enough for him!

This is far enough for me!
 Miss Snowflake was heading back to the car and had a little difficulty climbing the wall, she had claws but really would have loved to have an Ice Axe as well!

I need an Ice Axe
Holly and I went off to check to see if there was any sign of a Snow Fairy, all we found was Jack Frost!

No, no Fairy here either!
On our way back to the car we spotted a Heron circling over the beach, OTL thought it may land on the beach but instead it went over the trees and headed inland!

I'm off back to The Marsh!
When we got home, OTL went off to pick up Tilly and Sassy 'cos OTL had promised to take them to a pantomime!

Holly an I were left in charge of the house, so Holly pinched a couple of roasted peanuts and I pinched some of her chicken dinner!

We really enjoyed watching out for the return and OTL, The Missus and the girls! Then it was back to some serious mugging. Holly managed to get half a Shortbread biscuit before OTL said she mustn't have any more!

So, everyone has just left, so we are settling down to an evening of watching the TV and falling asleep.

Until it's time to wake up and go to bed!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Wow, up and out before the sun, that really is early. That frost has lasted all day here. I think a little set of stairs might be better than a lethal weapon like an ice axe for Miss Snowflake. Oooohhh it does look cold down there on your beach. Did you have fun when OTL was at the pantomime, sounds a bit like you put your own one on with the mugging of the peanuts and Holly's chicken. Hope they all enjoyed it anyway. I don't blame you, a nice snooze curled up in the warm before going to bed sounds ideal. I think I might just join in. Have a lovely evening, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Nice sunrises, oh to live by the sea. That Heron is Horace's mate and is going to Capstone Park for the winter, cos there is loads of food there chucked in the lake by the two legs who ain't got a clue.
    Happy New Year to you all down there and Holly don't eat to much. XXXX

  3. Gorgeous pictures, worth getting out of bed for and the ferrets have a nice glow about them too. Glad you managed to look after the house while they were at the Pantomime. Did you say to Holly "It's behind you" then pinch her chicken when she turned round? Good game that is, have a try on OTL next time he gets the shortbread out. I think that is our heron from Capstone Park, just flying over to keep an eye on the stars from All Hallows! Happy new year to you all, you have kept me entertained and informed during 2014 "Here's to 2015, looking forward to it. xxxx

  4. Opp's yes I forgot, Happy New Year to Kendo, Eileen, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Holly and of course the star of the blog, Daisy. xxxxxx