Monday, 8 December 2014

We Woof at a Bozo and a Bozo Woofs Back!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It's all happening down here at Woofer Mansion!

We were up at the normal time this morning and I woke Old Two Legs up with a really good ear licking!

Once I knew he was properly awake, I then started on The Missus!

She doesn't take long to wake up 'cos she always wakes up dreaming of new cards!

Down on the beach it was still windy and cold but not cold enough for frost, which is good as far as we are concerned!

No Frost but still Chilly!
Miss Snowflake found her rock again and used it just like she likes to use it!

However, when Mr Brambles tried to sneak a quick wee on the rock Snowflake told him off!

She said that only she could use that rock and in future he was to find his own Wee'ing Rock!

That's Mine! Go Find Your Own Rock!
Back home we had some of our Classy Scoff and settled down to a snooze in the office while OTL was playing with bits of paperwork!

Boring or Wot?

You know we both had to give OTL a good woofing to get his attention and get him to take us out!

We met up with a Two Legs who was sitting on a bench, she called us by our names and called us over to have a stroke but as Holly says...............'No Food, No Strokes!'

Told You Before, No Food, No Strokes!
The tide was right in and the wind blowing in off the sea, that made it rather colder than this morning and on top of that, the waves were crashing onto the Sea Wall and splashing over the wall!

Cold and Wet!
We stayed well away from the wet!

Holly and I were having a sniff when a little Bozo of a woofer came along the wall and woofed at me to 'Clear Off'!

I wasn't having any of that, especially as my sister was creeping up behind this Bozo!

When Holly let out a big WOOF, this Bozo nearly jumped out of his fur!

Then he ran off!

You Woofin' At Me Bozo?
 That was it, the last we saw was a Bozo's tail disappearing over the hill at top speed!

We saw Sid flying about and he called out that he had his Formation Flying Team out on the sea and would we have a look at then doing a 'Fly Past'!

Holly called back that we would sit up on the hill to watch and then the show started.

There was Zooming in 'Line Astern' and 'Side By Side'  and then the 'Line Astern Diving' which was terribly fast!

Then to finish off the did a 'Fly Past' in Gliding Mode!

Dead Impressive!

Sid's Formation Team Doing Some Zooming!
All the way back to the car Holly was running from side to side and calling out 'Zoom Zoom'!

She can be a right 'Soppy Puppy' some times!

Tomorrow we are expecting the decorators to start working, so we are going to put our toys away and TM is moving all her card making stuff back into the caravan!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Not such a bad day then considering it was quite chilly. What a lovely way to wake up in the morning, a lovely licking from a lovely woofer. I suppose Mr Brambles will be on the look out for a wee rock of his own then, can't he persuade Miss Snowflake to share? Well just who did that little bozo think he was woofing at, surely you are well known celebrities down your way. I bet he went running back with his tail between his legs. Good for Holly, putting him in his place. Glad you're enjoying the new posh scoff, I bet Holly is glad she doesn't have a grumbly tum. I know it doesn't beat OTL's gourmet meals but it's better than regular doggie scoff, I mean, you 2 are too special for any old doggie scoff. Just make sure that TM doesn't try to fob you off with the old stuff or I'll have to challenge her to glue pots at dawn. Have a lovely warm snuggly evening girls, don't do too much, just make sure that your toys are in a safe place, you can never tell with these decorators. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I love reading Lazy Sunday's comments almost as much as reading your blog Daisy. We have been away so I am up early without any ear kicking from you so that I can sit and read about your week while I was in Prague. So here goes, Michael has promised me a cup of tea!
    Snowflake is getting more territorial with her rock she be wanting a curtain around it soon, how is TM with the sewing machine? So glad they have found that special doggie scoff it beats that old stuff although not as good as the Masterchef makes. You had cold weather but lots of nice looking skies, Prague was colder with not such good skies, glad OTL is still able to shuffle his paperwork. xxxx