Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wot A Grey Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Wot a dull old day it has been today. Old Two Legs got up late 'cos he forgot to set the alarm and missed out on his 'Paddle' around the office, so, he has promised to do a bit of exercise this afternoon, before dinner time!

We all went out for a walk this morning and there was no sun peeking through the clouds, it was just clouds!

OTL decided to leave the camera in his pocket and concentrate on trying to keep us all in order!

Mr Brambles did his Hole Digging and Miss Snowflake did her 'I Wanna Go Back To Bed' bit while Holly and I ran off down the Sea Wall looking for rabbits, which weren't there!

Back home to some Chicken for breakfast and the ferrets went off to make a mess of the office!

Lunch time OTL took the big camera and switched it to Monochrome, just to see what sort of pictures he could get on such a grey day.

Both ferrets declined to get up and said that they would stay in bed while we went for a walk!

Thanks for the offer but I'm just too tired!
 Mr Brambles was sleepy as well and didn't even open his eyes!

Off you go and have fun, I'm too comfortable to join you today!
Off we went and in no time we were down on the beach watching OTL try some 'High Speed Photos!

What he did was to throw a stone out into the water and then take a load of pictures as it hit the water!

 Now, silly OTL forgot I was standing just behind him and as soon as he threw the stone, I went to chase it!

I got wet right up to my tummy before he stopped me going any further into the cold water!

It was his fault for throwing it!
Well, what do you expect a doggy to do, sit down and watch the splash?

OTL stopped throwing stones and instead crept along the beach trying to take pictures of Holly and me.

Holly of course just stood there and 'Posed' for him, The Tart!

My Best Side?
I was up on the Sea Wall and OTL tried creeping along the beach and poking his head up and taking sneaky photos, that was until he got caught out by camera shy Robert!

Hey! Wot?
In the end I stood still and did my 'Wire Haired Terrier' pose that my mum had taught me when I was a little puppy!

Me, looking like a real Wire Haired Terrier!
In a couple of days I will be off with Holly down to the Poodle Parlour for a Shampoo & Set and get my nails trimmed as well. I reckon we'll look dead smart then!

Now we have been planning what we will do to OTL in the morning, you see it's his birthday tomorrow and Holly reckons we should start off by jumping up and down on the bed singing our 'Happy Birthday Song'! Next we are going to let the ferrets loose so they can do the same!

Now that should be a good joke that he will remember, all we have got to decide is, what time we shall do it. About three thirty should be a good time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!