Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Busy, Busy!

Hi Woofers!

Us Again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

This morning it was not very nice outside, we knew that 'cos the ferrets said that they would pass on the morning walk, due mainly to the rain falling out of the sky and making big sploshing sounds in the pond!

How do they know all that from inside a cage?

They were right tho' and it was left to Holly and me to get Old Two Legs out of bed and onto his paddling machine!

We think he is getting too old for the machine, it seems it is getting harder to clear the one thousand strokes in half an hour and he doesn't look too good when he has finisher either!

Off we went in the rain but by the time we got down to the car park, the rain had stopped, just the rain, the wind was as strong as ever!

We met up with Max and Oscar and it was Oscar who wanted to know where the ferrets were 'cos he fancied a sniff!

I Wanna Ferret!
He seemed most put out when we told him they were at home, snoozing!

Well, as we didn't have the ferrets with us, Holly and I decided we would go chase a rabbit or two in the woods above the beach. We don't normally go there and it is only when we 'escape' that we get there and it's always muddy!

We got marched back to the car, on the lead and Holly said we more than likely would get Doggy Scoff again!

Lucky for us, it was Chicken! Brill!

Miss Snowflake has been going on about her 'Selfie' yesterday and it has been boring us no end! Even Mr Brambles was getting fed up and that is very unusual 'cos he normally thinks Snowflake is wonderful!

When we got out at lunch time, OTL decided it was warm enough for the ferrets to come with us, especially as the rain had stopped!

Mr Brambles whispered in OTL's ear that he wanted to have a go at his own 'Selfie', just so he can shut Miss Snowflake up!

A 'Selfie' by Mr Brambles!
 That'll sort her out!

 Down on the beach Holly and I were tearing along the beach doing our 'Flying Practice'!

A Low Flying Woofer!
Miss Snowflake said that ferrets can't fly, however, they are very good at impersonations. So, just to show us, she did an impersonation of a young seal pup!

Squeak Squeak, I'm a Seal Pup!
Holly said that she should have buried her tail 'cos it spoilt the show and offered to dig a hole for her!

Holly and I began to dig a Super Sized Hole but Mr Brambles, who had been listening to our making fun of Snowflake, got all protective, as he does, and chased us out of the hole!

A Tail End Hole!
 Before long he had nipped both Holly and I on the back legs, so much so that we had to get out of the hole, leaving it all to him!

I Want My Hole Back!
 No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get Mr Brambles out of the hole. I tried Woofing, and Growling and I even jumped over the top of him but he still wouldn't get out!

I Said It's MY HOLE!
At that point he started to chase me down the beach but he's nowhere near as fast as me! I returned to the hole to take possession, who should I find there?


Out or I'll nibble Yer Claws!
It wasn't long before Brambles returned and between the pair of them they took possession of the hole again, and then they both wee'd in it!

.....and here's a little present!
That was it, ferret wee stopped play!

We all headed back to the car but we noticed that OTL was hanging back 'cos Mr Brambles had dived off into the undergrowth, he said he was chasing a Mouse but Snowflake says it was a Vole!

You see, Mouses and Voles tend to confuse him a bit!

What is he doing now?
When we got back to the car, OTL gave us all a rub down with the towel and was about to get in the car when I spotted some strangers coming up the path, well, no stranger gets past us, so I set about telling them to 'Woof Off'!

Not that they took any notice but it was fun telling them to Woof Off anyway!

By the way, I forgot to mention that last night we were hoping for some good mugging from OTL's diner plate but you know what TM gave him to eat?

Salad! YUK! YUK! and DOUBLE YUK!

It looks like TM hates him as well!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.