Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It's The Cat Womans Fault!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles again!

You know, it's still raining! We got up thin morning and I'm sure the caravan was sloshing about like a boat in the harbour!

The sea gulls sitting on the wall didn't help either!

Old Two Legs took the ferrets out for a quick rush around the field and they quickly headed back to the warmth of the caravan! With the Travelling Cage, they have an 'On Suite Poo Pot' so, unlike us doggies they can stay in the warm all day!

We headed out to Loch Frisa again and enjoyed a quick rush up and down the path. It was a quick run and we were back in the car in no time!

Back in the caravan The Missus was going a bit 'Stir Crazy' so we decided to take the ferrets down to Calgary Bay which MacHolly and I have had some wonderful times! There are rabbit holes the size of road tunnels and sniffs you could die for!

The beach is soft sand and it is shallow for miles so a doggy our size can splash and paddle without having to swim!

Off we all went, TM wore her wellies, just in case she fancied a paddle!

As soon as TM opened the car door MacHolly and I just flew out of the car and headed off to the rabbit holes as fast as we could go, with TM charging after us!

We were put on the lead as soon as she reached us and that was it, no more rabbit hunting for us!

It was your fault running off so soon!
It was fun watching the ferrets explore the sand!

Mr McBrambles was running up and down the beach sniffing and digging and laughing his head off!

This is GOOD!
Miss MacSnowflake rushed down to the waters edge and had a taste of the sea, Yuk! Too salty for her taste and it was also too cold for a swim!

I'll pass on a swim today, thank you!
Back up the beach they decided to make a sand castle but they just couldn't agree on the right spot!

No, we'll build it over here!
Miss MacSnowflake headed off into the long grass, which she said sniffed of rabbits!

I can sniff rabbits!
Mr McBrambles followed her and they were both spotted by another one of these camera nuts, this one thought the ferrets were 'So Sweet and Cuddly', yeah? Try feeling their teeth!

Still it didn't stop her from throwing herself on the ground and trying to catch a shot of the ferrets 'ferreting' around in the Machar!

Come on ferrets, smile for the camera!
TM & OTL stopped off at a restaurant for lunch while MacHolly, the ferrets and I had a snooze in the car, tired after all that rabbit chasing!

Tomorrow we are expecting Karen (Cat Woman) & Ian to pay a visit to Mull to see if they can spot a Sea Eagle and some Otters.

Let's hope the rain holds off!

See you tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!

OK, Back Again!

Yesterday Ian and Karen turned up on the docks and we met them for a day's bird spotting and otter spotting. We drove almost all the way around the island stopping and looking then looking and stopping.

There was one point when we spotted some Sea Eagles circling above us and The Cat Woman asked if  OTL could put us on a lead and tie us to a tree trunk so the eagles would come down to see what we were!


Then after all that, we got dragged off to a pub for food and drink!

So, we didn't get time to do the post!

Today we have left the ferrets to catch up on their sleep and we are off for a drive around looking for Otters!

So, see you tomorrow!


McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles