Thursday, 22 May 2014

OTL's found some Ethereals Again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles back again!

I wish I could report a super sunny day today but instead al I can say is that it has been a little, damp!

Not that it spoilt our day, it has been fun and games all day!

Old Two Legs decided to let the ferrets loose in the caravan again and they went potty, charging up and down the caravan, chasing each other and OTL and then trying to get up on the seats where MacHolly and I were sitting to watch the games!

The Missus was sitting next to us and she kept her feet up in the air 'cos Miss MacSnowflake just loves to attack TM's feet when she's not looking!

Our walk this morning was down by Loch Frisa. It's safe down there and OTL can watch out for Sea Eagles while we chase rabbits!

The rain last night had flooded the river that crosses the path, so we couldn't go as far as we would have normally. Mind you, I did suggest that MacHolly should try crossing the river but she told me to 'Go Jump In The River Myself'!

That's it, Jump!
You could see just how much water was pouring off the hills as the waterfall was much whiter than normal!

Real White Water!
OTL and TM went off shopping while MacHolly and I stayed back at the caravan doing our 'Guard Dog' duties!

Lunchtime was fun, MacHolly and I decided that we would try some Rock Climbing without our normal climbing gear, you know, ropes and climbing harnesses!

We studied the planned route, looking for all the paw holds and also planning an alternative route if we ran out of paw holds!

Then we can travers across there?
It was great fun and in the end we both stood on top of the rock looking at the view, great!

What a View an Wot a Sniff!
Going further up the path we spotted a big bull standing on top of the hill, OTL said it was 'Standing Bull' getting ready to attack anyone who came down the valley!

OTL said he looked 'Ethereal', 'O! Gawd' we both said together, 'Not Another Ethereal'!

An Ethereal Standing Bull!
OTL was quite proud of that, so he shoved an 'untreated' one in just to show off!

Big Chief Standing Bull, 'As Is'!
As we went down the path towards the car he stopped and declared that he had found another 'Ethereal' under the bushes.

And now an 'Ethereal Waterfall'!
MacHolly said we should give him a good kick up the Ethereals if he does it again!

Back in the caravan we all crashed out for a snooze 'cos all this running and jumping and climbing can wear a girl out you know!

I started off looking out of the window and just sort slipped down the cushion!

Jus' Snoozing!
We are hoping that the rain stays away tomorrow, then we can head off to the beach and maybe teach the ferrets to swim again!

See you tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!