Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Aros Again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles here again!

It's getting crowded down here on the camp site! We have had Motorhomes turn up and fill the horizon. Caravans are now parking in our field so we can't have a wee in our normal places!

It seems that the world has decided to go away on holiday and descend on our little camp site!

Old Two Legs said that it may not be very polite to take the ferrets for a walk around our field and let them poo outside the caravan door 'cos the campers would only get upset!

So, we all pile into the car and head off to our walking path near Loch Frisa!

Now, when the ferrets are with us we don't normally have a long run, distance like. We do however stay out the same sort of time 'cos although the ferrets don't want to run, they do want to, well, Ferret!

They are both prize Ferreters and set to investigating every nook and cranny as well as every hole under every rock around.

Mr McBrambles even managed to fall into one of the small streams as he was ferreting alongside an overhanging rock!

He was a bit shocked and needed a cuddle from OTL and a wipe down before being put down again to continue Ferreting!

Because of the gear OTL has to carry for the ferrets and us he has to leave the camera in the car, so, we don't have any pictures of Mr McBrambles doing his famous dive into the water!

Back at the caravan we all had a snooze while OTL cleaned the ferrets stuff and made their bed for them.

The Missus was having problems with her photos for a blog and had steam coming out of here ears!

To help her calm down we all decided to go to Aros Park again and have another walk around the lake.

It was super sun shine, so OTL said he would have a play with the Infrared Thingy Wossit Camera 'cos it is supposed to produce some super work when the sun is shining.

As soon as we got there, the sun went behind the clouds!

OTL said he would make the best of it and try some experiments with the settings!

We started off at the docks and we had some fun climbing all over the rocks.

Me on the Rocks!
OTL even took another picture of Tobermory across the bay!

Tobermory in IR
Then he took a picture of me 'Looking Good'!

Me, Looking Good!
You see I do a very good 'Looking Good' photo, better than MacHolly I reckon!

Around the corner we arrive at the lake and the clouds made a dramatic reflection on the water, so, Click, Click went OTL and that was another in the bag!

Right up the other end of the lake there were loads of reeds and Lily Pads, so OTL slid all the way down the bank so he could get a shot at water level. Sliding down the bank was a bit dangerous for him 'cos his weight means that his boots had trouble gripping the earth and leaves ans he headed towards the water!

Lucky for him, he managed to stop before doing a McBrambles, you know, 'Splash'!

Then it was just a matter of getting the shot composed and back up the bank again!

Reeds & Lily Pads
As we went further around, we came across a stream that had a bridge over it, so you can cross without getting your paws wet. I decided to be different and cross by wading through the stream. Well, that was the idea until I spotted something under the bridge. It was then a case of a 'Hasty Retreat' and across the bridge so OTL can protect me from whatever it was!

There be Summat Under There!
After the run around, we headed back to the caravan 'cos there were rain clouds on the way and we didn't want to get caught in the open!

Back at the caravan OTL was still playing about with the camera trying out different settings and he caught MacHolly in one of her 'Dreamy' moments!

MacHolly doing and Ethereal!
Mind you, I didn't know he had taken one of me, snoozing on the cushion!

Me, doing a 'Snoozy'
Now, we are off to Gretna Green tomorrow so there won't be any blogs 'cos there is no W-Fi around there!

So, look out for us again on Saturday when by then we should be home and checking all the sniffs!

See you soon!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!