Tuesday, 17 June 2014

It's Another Doggy Scoff Day!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You will be pleased to know, we didn't wake up Old Two Legs or The Missus up last night, the cats stayed away from our window!

We did our normal 'Puppy Patrol' around the house during the night, finishing up the Ox Heart I had left in the bowl for our 'Midnight Nibble'!

I even managed to beat Holly to the bowl!

I like these cooler nights, you can get a good sleep curled up at OTL's feet and wake up all relaxed in the morning!

Our jog on the beach was fun, the ferrets discovered that the tide had pushed all the sea shells further up the beach than normal and had left a big cliff to climb!

Come and give me a leg up!
 It took them both a little while to work out a route, mind you, Miss Snowflake kept telling Mr Brambles to 'Get a Move On' and that didn't help!

Come on Brambles, move yer Butt!
 Mind you, after a while even she was out of breath!

This makes you Puff!
 Holly and I were taking the Micky and calling them 'Short Legs'. That was when Miss Snowflake rushed up to me and made me jump by nibbling me!

She Got Me!
 Mind you, I didn't stay around to return the complement!

You know what? Holly and I were up the top of the hill waiting for them and looking out for rabbits when she tried to sneak up on me again!

Nearly There!
You just can't trust a ferret!

Mind you, we can't trust OTL either! We got home and he was banging and crashing about in his office. Sticky Parcel Tape and Brown Paper means he will be out delivering or dropping stuff off to the carrier.

We didn't let him get further than three feet from us.

We followed him everywhere!

Then we were in the car and staying there!
As we suspected, it was the carriers first, then a shop and then.............The Forest!

We haven't been to the Forest for ages and ages and we didn't even know if the Heeland Coos were still there!

Of course, the first place to check out is the Mud Hole and while OTL was trying to take some pictures of the Flag Iris's, who should wander into the shot?

Miss Holly Dog!

The Mud Hole is still here!

We carried on through the forest and as we went through the second gate, there, under the shade of the trees, gently munching away on some bracken was................
The Heeland Coos!

We shouted 'Hello' and told them we had been up to Scotland and had seen some of their family on the Isle of Mull.

They carried on munching and then said..............'What's Scotland?'

Never heard of Scotland, can we eat it?
Holly and I decided to leave them to munching and go hunting squirrel instead!

Well, we saw a couple but they were just too fast for us and shot into the trees as quick as a flash. So, we decided that we would come back in the Autumn when they should be fatter and slower!

There goes another!
It was good to see the trees were still there, well, most of them. The woodmen had been cutting the trees down to make an open space but we reckon that it should be left as a forest 'cos it's more fun like that!

Good to see your still here!
After the forest we then headed off to the Doggy Shop where OTL played a game with us. He went in with a basket and instead of heading towards the 'Treats' section, he headed for the Poo Bag and Disinfectant section, loaded up the basket with stuff and said 'That's it Girls, Off we go!'

We couldn't believe him! No Treats, no Nibbles, no Fillets!

Then we saw the grin on his face and knew he was 'Pulling Our Tail'!

We got back to the car and both had a couple of Duck Fillet Strips while he got everything put away!

Back home for another Duck Fillet before having a snooze!

We know how to live!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.