Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another wet Day!

Hi Woofers,

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Last night it was another of those 'Whizz Bang' nights when the local Bozo's were playing with their fireworks and of course, the louder the noise the more they enjoy it, but not for Holly. She hates them and we reckon she must have had a bad experience when she was a little puppy 'cos she hears a Whizz Bang, she woofs at it and then spends the rest of the night cuddled up in Old Two Legs arms shivering with fright!

I wish they would take all their Whizz Bangs and let them off in one place, (miles away), on one night, (like 5th Nov?) and make it illegal to let them off on the streets or in a public place!

Can't see that happening but I wonder how many of the Bozo's know how much distress these Whizz Bangs cause us!

And I even include Pussy Cats in that as well!

Tonight it is going to be more cuddles and strokes for Holly!

Today it has been 'Interesting' for us. Well, you see our normal parking place has been blocked off since the beginning of this week, 'Resurfacing the road' is the excuse and OTL has been having trouble giving us our normal walk. We have tried Tip Toeing through the Bull Poo, OK but not to be repeated. We've tried galloping around the field behind our house, OK but boring. Today OTL went back to our normal place and parked in one of the side streets and then guided us to the Sea Wall by a strange new path.

The ferrets were a bit unsure until we got to the normal path. Holly and I were a bit put out 'cos we couldn't spend more time investigating the new sniffs on this new bit of path.

Not to worry though, we got to our normal path and we all settled down to our normal sniffing and weeing and pooing and ferreting about!

We were even visited by Fred the Black Headed Gull who we haven't heard from all summer. He said he had been up stream a bit and enjoying time with his family on the big rubbish tip on the Essex side of the Thames!

Wotcha Girlie's!
Then he told us about the Mary Celeste that had been spotted out to sea by some of his mates. We said we would keep an eye open, just in case it passed close by.

Well, blow me down, didn't the mist clear a little bit and what did we see? There, coming out of the morning mist was the Mary Celeste sailing along, against the wind and with no sails up!

Scary or wot!

Mary Celeste Again!
 Holly said it was getting just too much for her, Whizz Bangs and now Ghost Ships!

The ferrets had a game on the beach and it started to rain, so we all headed back towards the car. Miss Snowflake was complaining that the steps had grown a bit or she has shrunk in the rain the other day!

This is getting too difficult!
Back home it was Lambs Heart for breakfast, which I shovelled down as quickly as possible but Holly said she had a Grumbly Tum and decided to leave it for later. Then she curled up under a fleece and spent the morning snoozing.

Lunchtime we were out again, but not for too long, we left home and the rain wasn't falling, we get to the parking place we used this morning and the rain was pouring down! OTL got our rain coats out and put them on us. Then, leaving his camera in the car we headed off down the path again. Holly wasn't too impressed with the rain and after we had 'Done our Business' we both headed back to the car, with OTL running up behind!

That was it, back home to a second rub down with our towel and back to the fleece and our cushions for an afternoon snooze.

Holly is still looking a bit glum but the thought of lots of rain falling down will possibly keep the Whizz Bangs indoors has cheered her up a little!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.