Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Decorator Man is Here and Snowflake is Naughty!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

The Missus was up early this morning, moving her card stuff back into the caravan so there is space for the Decorator Man to do his work on the lounge and dinning room/TM Workstation!

Holly and I were going to get up and give her a hand but in the end we decided to have a cuddle with Old Two Legs and finish of our night Time Sleep!

When it was time to go out for our run, OTL put our 'Flying Jackets' on us and I must say, his work with the needle and twine has worked out a treat! The jacket is a snug fit and my legs stay in the jacket when I run!

Zooming, Just like Super Sid!
 It was so good that when I got onto the beach, I had another Zoom!

Daring Daisy Coming Into Land, Zooooom!
 While I was doing my Zooming, Miss Snowflake was hiding behind her 'Wee'ing Rock'!

Can't See Me!
 After everything was finished, she challenged Brambles to a race, of course, she won!

Come on, Race you to The Bag!
She can be a sneaky ferret sometimes!

When we got home she was let loose, as normal, while Mr Brambles had his breakfast and OTL cleaned out the Poo Trays.

Normally Snowflake goes rushing off to TM's card room or has a good ferret under OTL's bed or even scurries downstairs to rampage around the lounge.

Not today, she had disappeared!

OTL was doing his jobs and noticed that she wasn't rushing from room to room as normal. So, when he had finished the cleaning, he went looking for her!

She was nowhere to be seen.

Mr B was wandering around, sort of lost, 'cos she normally chases him and they go tearing around all over the place, but today, nothing!

Then OTL heard a rustling of paper coming from the office.

There, on the desk top, with her head inside a big Jiffy Bag was Miss Snowflake!

Here! Look Wot I Found!
Archie Babe had sent down a Christmas Present for us all and OTL had left it in the bag, but put it up on the desk so no one could find it.

Snowflake did!

What's more, she opened one packet that had play balls inside, just the sort of thing she loves, and she was playing with them!

In fact, she had already taken two out and 'Stashed' them in her 'Hidy Hole' where she stashes all he secret stuff!

She was working on getting the third ball out, killing it, and then heading for the Hidy Hole when OTL told her off!

He said it was not the done thing to go opening the presents 'cos they may not be for her!

This is Great!
She said she was sorry and promised not to do it again.

We don't believe her and nor does OTL!

We know that 'cos OTL has put the Jiffy Bag away in the cupboard where she can't get it!

Lunchtime the frost had all gone and we got sunshine, but it was still chilly, but we left our jackets at home, well, we didn't want to do any more flying today thank you!

When we got back home, the decorators said they had something to show us. It seems that there was a message on one of the walls from many many years ago!

Now OTL says that there is nothing wrong with punting around for new business, but leaving it for ten years is a bit of bad planning!

Blast from the Past?
 He says he will be having 'Words' with Jane!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.