Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Wot a Pong!

Hi Woofers!

The Gang is Back! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

You know, I just love lazy mornings and we had another one this morning!

The Missus had got up at midnight again 'cos she had 'an inspirational dream about a card' and wanted to try it out.

Yeah, I know, and we understand there's no cure!

Well, that left us on the bed and cuddled up to Old Two Legs who was doing the proper thing of snoring his head off!

What with all the lights going on and off and TM marching up and down the stairs to her 'Craft Room', we sort of 'Over slept' and woke up to a stunning sunrise!

It was all crimson red and yellows and almost filled the sky.

We heard OTL go into the ferrets to say good morning and Mr Brambles was muttering away about a 'Red Sky in the Morning, a Ferrets Warning'!

He's a happy little soul first thing in the morning!

We all rushed around and got ready to go but when we got to the car, the sun had got up and left it's crimson cloak behind and instead was wearing his gold coat as normal!

Holly and I went off to investigate the sniffs while OTL emptied the ferrets out of the bag. He reckons it is better that pulling them out!

I wish he would let us wake up before emptying us out!
 Miss Snowflake went off to find her special rock but there was more water around than normal and she was worried about getting her tail wet!

Looks damp down there!
 It was then that she decided to make an 'Executive Decision'................

I name this rock 'Wee'ing Rock Number Two'
 Mr Brambles joined us on the beach and was puzzled about where all of the sea weed had come from. Holly said that it turned up every year just before Christmas and that's the only time she ever sees it.

Mr Brambles reckons it should be called Christmas Weed!

I name this.........Christmas Weed!
Back home the decorator men were slapping paint everywhere so we had to stay in the kitchen until we had finished our chicken and then we were marched upstairs, one at a time, and had to stay with OTL in the office.

It wasn't too bad and he did have the window open to get rid of the paint sniff, horrible it is!

It wasn't too long before lunchtime arrived and we set off for another run along The Sea Wall!

Now, ages ago we told you about some Two Legs who was making a film for the Tourist Office and he wanted to film us walking along the Sea Wall? Well, when we were down the vets, one of the ladies down there commented on the fact she had seen the film and us and OTL!

So, back home we had a 'Surf' around YouTube and found it! If you get onto YouTube and search for Discover Medway V3 YT 1080P you will find us. Now we are 4.42 minutes into the film and it starts off with OTL taking a picture and the Holly and I running along the Sea Wall. I know it's not a long scene but, unlike everyone else, we get TWO SCENES!

Are we the stars or wot! Mind you, don't blink or you'll miss us!

We were down the Sea Wall and met up with a new woofer. We all had a sniff but he was a bit unsure of OTL. First he ran towards OTL, then he stopped, OTL put on his 'Friendly Face' and the woofer came closer.

Then he ran away again, stopped, turned around and came running back. OTL still had his 'Happy Face' and the woofer stopped again, unsure about a Two Legs who could 'Talk Doggy'!

It was then that his owners called him and he had to go, maybe next time he'll get closer to OTL!

I know it's a 'Friendly Face' but on a TL?
 He'll learn, maybe next time!

Back home the Decorator Men were slapping the paint brushes about and sloshing paint everywhere! Oh but the stink! I have been sneezing almost all day!

I will be glad when they finish and the house is ours again!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.