Friday, 19 December 2014

More Re Assembling and Cleaning!

Yo Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Last night the Two Legs were working hard getting our chairs and stuff back into place and Holly was in charge of making sure they were in the correct places!

I was in charge of the DVDs making sure they are in alphabetical order!

We were all tired little puppies when we went to bed and Holly was asleep before Old Two Legs got into bed, making it a bit of a job for him to get enough of the duvet to cover himself!

Up early, we were out in the fresh air and Mr Brambles said it was the warmest he had known it for a couple of weeks or more!

Miss Snowflake couldn't find her rock again and had to make do with taking her chance with the waves!

It's Behind You!
 Holly and I were having fun dashing up and down the beach and having a roll in the rotting sea weed, much to OTL's annoyance!

The ferrets decided to have a race along the Sea Wall and Brambles cheated by running off before Snowflake was ready!

Much to her annoyance!

Oi! Cheat! Come Back and start again!
 Just as the ferrets were getting ready for another race that Bozo Woofer came past. He was the one that Holly told to 'Woof Off' when the Bozo was getting too close to OTL and the ferrets!

He came along the Sea Wall and stopped to say hello to OTL and he also gave OTL a lick on the nose, just to show he was friendly really!

OTL said that he should watch out 'cos Holly was on the beach and she may come and sort him out!

Yeah! In her dreams!
On the way up the path, the ferrets were ducking and diving through the grass and having a roll as well! OTL didn't tell them to 'Get Up' like he does when we do it!

Mind you, it seems to give them a bit of a 'charge' 'cos Mr Brambles went tearing up the hill shoving Holly and me out of the way!

Ferret Coming through!
 Holly nearly got knocked off her paws as Brambles went tearing through!

Outta The Way There's a Ferret Behind You!
Back home it was back to re assembling all the furniture and OTL was doing the alarm system. He was balancing on top of a step ladder putting the PIRs  back and he kept setting off the alarm!

It all worked in the end and we are looking at finishing by tonight. All there is left is to get the curtains and install them but that will be next week, just in time for Christmas!

The Missus is in a good mood 'cos he got her desk in and set it all up so she doesn't have to go into the caravan to make a card!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.