Friday, 30 January 2015

Almost, but not quite!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Once again we have been disappointed!

Holly was looking at the weather forecast last night and said we should be expecting  snow drifts the size of houses and all the roads would be like skating rinks!

Well, it was a chilly wind and certainly it was cold, here in North Kent, but across the Thames what did we see?


How come they get the sun?
 I mean, it wasn't on. There we are, freezing and Southend on Sea gets balmy breezes and a heat wave!

Holly just couldn't believe what she was seeing and what was worse, she could sniff food on the wind!

I sniff Fish & Chips!
She stood there sniffing the wind and at one point she said there was something else on the wind!

It's a Breakfast Kebab as well!
Poor Holly, she had come out without any breakfast and her tummy was grumbling 'cos it needed filling!

I was on the beach and I made a discovery, snow!

OK, I know it wasn't tons of the stuff but it was definitely snow!

I had a little jump around it and the stuck my nose right in it and came out with frozen sand on my nose as well as snow!

Look! It IS Snow!
Back home to a snooze after some fresh Lambs Heart, then, while Holly was settling down to a snooze, Old Two Legs tried sneaking out of the front door with all the connectors and leads. He was off to deliver them and there was no way he was going on his own!

Leaving Holly snoring her tail off, I headed off with OTL.

It was fun driving down the motorway, singing our driving song and woofing at the trucks as we passed them!

Lunchtime the sun had gone, not even Essex was blessed with one sunbeam!

OTL was playing about with some Black & White shots of the breakwaters.

Well, he had to do something to take his mind off the grey sky!

Not even a Turnstone!
So that's it for today, OTL will be playing with his pictures tonight and tomorrow 'cos he is off to a meeting on Sunday and he wants to show his pictures and get some advice.

Holly reckons he should just go back to the 'Instruction Manual' and read it instead of just looking at the pictures!

See you tomorrow and with a bit of luck, we may get some snow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Sorry to hear that Holly's prediction didn't turn out but you don't really want snow drifts the size of houses do you? We had some snow last night about 9 pm, little Arch thought it was food dropping from the sky and didn't want to come in, in case he missed something tastey. It's not fair that Southend had sun and you didn't. That Holly has a good nose, she must be a super sniffer if she caught the whiff of fish and chips and kebab. So, home to a good scoff, Holly going off for a snooze and you got to have OTL all to yourself, out in the car, singing away and poking your tongue out at the truckers ........... that sounds bliss. Lovely pictures again today, that black and white breakwater one looks really lovely. Little Arch got to go out in the car this evening, singing all the way ................... to the vets............ his spots are getting better and he didn't have to have any horrible sharp things stuck in him, just some ointment to be rubbed in now, so he was a very happy Arch, he got lots of cuddles and fuss and decided to put his bum down on the floor and stay sat when it was time to come home ........... weird or what Daisy? Have a lovely evening with plenty of snoozes ...... Arch is snoring away after all that hard work of being cuddled. Looking forward to reading your adventures tomorrow, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Doggie umbrella. xx

    1. You are joking! We would be the laughing stock of The Sea Wall! Can you imagine OTL mincing along, one arm outstretched to hold the umbrella up?

      Sorry, back to the drawing board!

    2. hahahahahaha, I'm trying to picture OTL mincing ...............hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. We had real snow last evening while Michael was out, enough to settle before just looking like frost and then again this morning but just a fine flurry. Lucky old Southend with its sunshine and lucky young you being out with OTL all to yourself, well apart from sharing him with some connectors.
    Poor Holly she has such a sensitive nose, pity she doesn't use her powers to some use. She ought to be able to smell lambs heart cooking from the end of the road and sniff out a rabbit or squirrel from 100 metres. No use being able to smell fish and chips from Southend because by the time OTL drove to Dartford, drove under the river Thames and then on to Southend-on-Sea the fish fryers would have packed up and gone home together with the kebab shop. Keep warm, lots of snuggles and nosh and you will be set up for the weekend. xxxx