Sunday, 18 January 2015

Back to Normal Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

By the way, did we tel you He's Back!

Of course we did and last night Holly and I cuddled up to him and I gave him a good licking on his bald patch, just to show we're pleased to have him back!

When he left Glencoe yesterday it was frozen ice and snow all over the car and it took some time to get it all off. When he did set off it started to snow again!

It got heavier and thicker the higher he went up Glencoe and by the time he got up to the Ski Lift it was almost a white out! Low cloud, horizontal snow and a big traffic jam 'cos someone had slipped off the road into a ditch!

Scary or wot!
That Snow Plough is Bigger Than OTL!
By the time he had got to Rannoch Moor the road had almost disappeared and was replaced with compacted show and ice, but the blizzard had stopped!

Hello Rannoch Moor!
The sun was trying to break through and while it never made a 'Full Blast Sunrise' there were moments that made him go 'WOW!' So he just had to take a photo!

All the road to himself!

Once he had cleared Rannoch Moor, he said he felt a lot safer, at least he could see the road under the ice and snow. The snow plough  had been out and it had spread salt all over the place. One thing you can say about the Scots is that they know how to handle snow!

The Snow Stopped!
I mean, down here in The South, two snowflakes fall and everything grinds to a halt!

Just imagine what would happen if they woke up to this!

Just a Dusting of Snow?
 Soon he was heading down to Tyndrum where the famous Green Wellie Shop is and that's where he stopped and took off his 'Cold Weather Gear' ready for the drive back home.

On the way down to Tyndrum.
So, after that it was a long drive back to us!

Now, OTL will put away the pictures for a few months before he edits them and throws the duff ones away and saves the 'Keepers'.

I've managed to snaffle a few before he transferred the files they are!

Another shot of The Lochan
 This one I like.
The Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge

Another shot of the top of Rannoch Moor
 Now this one is good, I do like this, just think how many woofers have wee'd up this tree by the side of Loch Lomond!

Not bad composition either!
 Well, there it is, poor OTL has been working all today catching up on what he should have done instead of charging around Scotland!

We're off to see what we can mug from OTL's dinner plate, well, it's better than the Doggy Scoff we get!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Love all the pictures.... when you going back? :)

  2. Beautiful pictures I am glad he is bad safe and sound.

  3. I bet OTL was so pleased to get home last night, back to a nice warm house and his little furries. I bet he appreciated the licks he got from you all. The pictures are stunning, what a clever OTL you have. I expect he was very happy about having you and Holly snuggle up to him last night, did you both guard him so no one could steal him away. Hope you all managed to get out for a good walk this morning, were Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles going stir crazy? I hope none of you had any complaints over your care whilst OTL was away or he might have to get in a pet sitter next time he goes awol. Sorry to hear you've been putting up with doggie scoff though, so I hope that you get some good muggings tonight. I reckon OTL will be sharing his dinner with you, after all he did spend time with those other woofers and he might just have let them mug him. Enjoy all your snuggles with him, you better give TM a snuggle as well she did do her best while OTL was rampaging around Scotland. I wonder if OTL had a word with the snow fairy and did he ask her to visit down here sometime soon? Enjoy your evening and keep a close eye on OTL, just make sure he doesn't slip out the door without you again. Love, licks and wags from little (I'm feeling much better and enjoying chicken and rice in broth) Arch xxxx

  4. Beautiful pictures so OTL must think it was worth all the effort and we shall look forward to seeing some more Master Images. Now you are all back together you only have to contend with TM running off to do a Master Class. Hope you had a lovely snuggle and some nice muggings tonight, take care of OTL and show him all the places he has been missing. xxxx

  5. Cor!!! Thems is pretty amazing pictures OTL. Thank you for sharing x