Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Down The New Park Again!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, waiting for the snow, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, we have been told that there is a good chance the Snow Fairy will be arriving soon and Old Two Legs says he is wondering what the ferrets will make of it!

Down on the beach there was Mr Curlew having a paddle and looking for breakfast, so we said hello and wished him well!

.......and good morning to you too young ladies!
Miss Snowflake dived off into the sea weed while Mr Brambles climbed back into the bag!

Looks a bit damp here!
Back home it was chicken for our breakfast then off to watch Old Two Legs working away making stuff.

Of course, then he had to take it all down to the carriers and get it shipped off to his customers.

That being done we then headed off to The New Park 'cos OTL didn't want to go paddling around in the mud in The Forest again!

As soon as we got there, OTL got the ball out and we had a great game of 'Chase The Ball' and of course I got all excited and just couldn't wait for him to throw it again and again and again!

Come On! Throw The WOOFING BALL!
Then he did and off I would go, charging down the path chasing the ball!

Got It!
Holly, being the lazy one, didn't even chase after the ball once! All she did was to prance about, sniffing the sniffs and saying that 'She doesn't do Balls!'

Don't do balls!
Then we spotted something that we knew OTL would love. Holly saw some Fly agaric mushrooms under one of the trees and of course, there he was, on one knee clicking away!

Don't normally see them this time of the year!
It was only when he turned around to see Holly and I laughing our tails off that he clicked that they were made of plastic!

You know, even the cows were laughing at the joke!

Plastic Mooshrooms!
 That was it, Holly and I were dashing all over the place calling out that there were some more 'Mooshrooms' over here!

Look, another Mooshroom!
It was so funny and OTL looked rather embarrassed at being laughed at by a couple of cows, well, Mother and Daughter!

Sorry about that, but it was sooo funny!
Holly found a super sniff and had a roll in it and when we got to the Indian Tee Pee I even suggested she stay outside because she Honked so much!

You really Honk!
Back home she got a good washing down by OTL, he had to 'cos The Missus refused to get near Holly 'cos of the stink!

I mean, Holly had to ride home in the back of the car, clipped to a ring on the floor!


So, that is our bit of fun today and we had a look at Google Earth to see Cayton Bay and it looks just like we would want for our beach, miles of sand and there must be loads of rabbits too!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a lovely day, nice walk on the beach, that Mr Brambles is cheating sitting in the bag while poor Miss Snowflake has to walk. Nice to see a polite curlew, did he taste like chicken? Did you ask him?
    You and Holly will be able to make things soon with all that watching OTL. How lucky, a nice walk in New Park and a game of ball. I can't imagine how bad Holly must have ponged if even you told her to stay outside the tepee. I hope she didn't get too cold while OTL gave her a good wash down. I bet TM was pleased. Have a lovely evening girls, hope there's some good muggings, Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxx

  2. Late on parade again, been out visiting Luke and Aimee, Black Lab and a Springer Spaniel, not as clever as you as they don't type but they have some nice fields and parks by them and love balls. You had a good day, I thought there was a red and white candy cane in the background of the mushroom shot, was that plastic as well? So now we have Holly who doesn't like water or ball games but still likes pongs, TM must have been really happy, I can see her now!!! Wonderful pictures again, those cows look so inquisitive, must have been before the pong, have a good Wednesday I will look when I come in from work. xxxx