Wednesday, 7 January 2015

He Left Us Again!

Hi Woofers!

Us here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Guess Wot?

We saw the sun this morning!

Old Two Legs was able to try for a 'Sunrise' picture!

Morning has broken, like the first mooooooorning!
Even Snowflake was able to have a wee in the warm, well, warmer than yesterday!

I got a nice warm feeling on my tail!
 Mr Brambles got into it as well!

Yeah! That feels a lot warmer on my paws as well!
 Holly reckons that it wasn't the sun that warmed him up, it was wee'ing on his paws that did it!

Mind you, it didn't stop him trying to share our sniffs, like wot he normally does!

Come on, just a little sniff!
Poor Mr Brambles was still having trouble getting up the steps. He says that he is wearing his legs out on the Sea Wall and it won't be long before OTL will have to carry him everywhere!

Yeah! Alright!

Anyone got a ladder?
 Back home to work, well OTL was working, we were watching him scurry about with boxes and stuff and packing material!

While we weren't watching, OTL sneaked out and went off to Croydon to deliver a load of stuff, you know, we would have enjoyed the trip in the big car, still, it gave us a chance for a long snooze and it was fun welcoming him back!

Lunchtime on the Sea Wall we came across a couple of fishermen who, after careful inspection, we discovered that they didn't have any sarnies and they hadn't caught any fish!

No Sarnies, No Fish, NO STROKES!
 We met up with a Pied Wagtail who was searching among the rocks for Sand Flies and Sand Hoppers and stuff like that. He said 'Hello' and we said Hello back and wished him well!

Hello Girls!
Now, tomorrow, OTL will be off good and early to deliver stuff and also to visit Auntie Zoe, so we will be left with The Missus, we are expecting her to take us down the beach and join in a game of chase, complete with photographs!

We'll let you know tomorrow how she sneaks out of it!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles. (Short House to his mates!)


  1. Well considering OTL left you for a while today, you still did well with your early morning, sunny walk on the beach and your lunchtime sarnieless walk on the beach. Those can't be very good fishermen, every good fisherman knows he needs sarnies for a bit of bait, no wonder they didn't catch any fish or strokes from passing famous woofers. Poor Mr Brambles, he needs to get you to write to the council and get them to put in some ferret friendly steps on the sea wall. That looked a lovely sunrise, the sun was dazzling me. Beautiful piccies again today, what a polite little wagtail. Hope you got some decent scoff today. Hmmmmm now I wonder how TM is going to get out of an early morning mooch along the beach with you, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles ........ I bet the ferrets have no chance. I think you and Holly will have to have the pickle in you so that she takes you out so that she can tire you out. Sounds like OTL is going to be a very busy TL tomorrow but just think of the lovely big dinner TM will cook for him when he gets home, there should be some really good muggings for you and Holly. Enjoy your snoozey evening girls. Love, licks and wags from little (birthday boy on Friday) Arch xxxx

  2. I'm already getting my camera ready, so you two had better behave and look all 'cute' !
    TM xxxx

  3. They will, so will Daisy and Holly ;) xxx

  4. Those fishermen never learn that they have to provide for the "Stars of the Beach", where are their manners. Lovely to feel a bit of warmth from the sun, you are either going to have to take a ladder for Mr Brambles of get the Council to build him a little step, he is going to do himself a mischief with all that stretching. Has TM seen the photo of the Pied Wagtail so that she can look out for him tomorrow, there was a Robin at Capstone Park today along with the Heron so she had better watch out, we are expecting good things from her camera. A few toadstools, flowers and Oyster Catchers to name but a few. Have a good day OTL and bring a few goodies home for your little family. xxxx