Tuesday, 13 January 2015

He's Off Again!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here once more!

What a day!

We were out down on the beach having some fun with the ferrets!

First of all, we met up with Bonnie and Oscar, the Border Terriers and while Old Two Legs was having a chat, Mr Brambles stuck his head out of the bag and got the fright of his life, Oscar said he wanted him for breakfast!

Mmmm, Ferret, Egg and Bacon!
Needless to say, Mr B sank back into the bag and blew a big raspberry!

Down on the beach Brambles was still going on about his harness and how it can hide him from everyone and to prove it, he crept up on Miss Snowflake and went Boo in her ear!

Can't see me!
 Snowflake didn't seem too impressed and said she could not only see him but she could hear him as well!

Not only Hear him but Sniff him as well!
The funny bit was, while she was looking at Brambles, she didn't spot OTL creep up on her until the last moment!

Yikes! I didn't see you there!

The new suite arrived today just after the people who were supposed to collect the old one had left, without the suite!

How about this for a mix up!

OTL telephoned this charity who offered to take away our old suite and then sell it and make some money for the charity. Up turns a couple of lads who inspect the suite and then say they don't want it 'cos one of the handles is broken!

OTL said that the broken leaver was explained to the man who arranged the collection but these two decided they wouldn't take it!

OTL was not happy!

There he was, the old suite in the back garden and the new one coming in the front door!

It looks dead posh and Holly and I are looking forward to testing it for 'Snoozability' tonight!

A telephone call to the council later and OTL has arranged for the suite to be collected on Friday!

OTL has been looking at the web cam up on the ski slopes in Glencoe and has seen loads of snow down the bottom of the glen, so he has decided to do a quick dash up there with the camera. Alun, his cousin, can't get away so OTL is going on his own!

Now, because of the snow being right down in the glen, OTL thought it may be a good idea to be prepared for too much snow, so, he was out this afternoon buying a set of Snow Chains for the big car!

We bet he will never need to use them but it's a good idea to have them, just in case!

He has booked a B&B in Glencoe village, complete with en-suite and a connection to the Wi Fi, so he will be able to keep in touch with us by email!

So, an early night and an early start for him!

We will have to show The Missus the path and the beach but she says that she won't walk the ferrets, but she will clean out the Poo Trays and give them a run around the house, providing they don't poo every where!

As if!

We'll try to get TM to take some pictures but don't hold your breath!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Oh Daisy, what are you all going to do without OTL in charge, still at least you'll be able to tell him if TM doesn't cut the muster. I hope he has a lovely time playing in the snow. I expect he's left strict instruction with you and Holly on how to look after Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles and to make sure that TM does what is necessary for them. You can tell him by email if she doesn't be good. Lovely pictures again today. I hope you and Holly woofed at those silly ungrateful charity men, how silly not to take a perfectly good suite and make some money. I don't know, some people just expect way too much. I bet OTL was quite cross with them, I don't blame him. So have you tested the new suite yet for snoozability? I hope it's suitable for you's. Little Arch has been to the vets tonight, he's been bringing in little friends from the garden again and the vet had to check him over to make sure there were none left hiding. I hope you get some muggings tonight from OTL, just to see you thru until he gets back home again. Have a good evening and tell OTL we hope he has a good safe journey. Love, licks and wags from little (I've got no friends left) Arch xxxx

    1. OTL got us some stuff called Advantix works a treat for us in stopping the ticks. It won're get rid of them if they have started chomping but they do share the taste and drop off quickly!
      Ask your vet for some, it goes on like Spot On!
      Keep your tail up Archie Babe!

    2. Thanks Daisy, I will ask the vet, I found 2 more on him last night, I cried, because of how much I paid the vet to check there were no more, think I'll have to ask for a refund or get little Arch to refuse them kisses and cuddles next time he goes xxxx

    3. Well, OTL says that they are only nasty little spiders with no eyes! OTL has a tick remover tool that he uses to unscrew them. Mind you, I'm a total wimp and show off good and proper when ever he comes near me, so if we can keep them off us in the first place, everyone's happy!

    4. I don't like spiders ........... with or without eyes .......... yukky, yukky ........... little Arch is a good boy and lets me remove them with the tool but would be better if he didn't go mooching where he shouldn't. Anyway, Advantix is on it's way to our vets for collection tomorrow ....... so that's all little Arch's treats money gone for the next 2 weeks, oh and he got another new bed today, so that's one for upstairs and 1 for downstairs ......... and he say's he's not spoilt......... Hope you're not missing OTL too much, he'll be back before you know it and you'll have him to cuddle up to, in the meantime, you can look after TM and give her some extra cuddles. xxxx

  2. So Mr Brambles is going to be in charge seeing as he is the only man left in the house, I can see chaos!! Good luck OTL with the snow, keep safe and bring back some amazing pictures. How sweet Snowflake looks, must be one for the wall, absolutely lovely she looks, I think my favourite is the sniffing one. As for ferret, egg and bacon, no way, we can't have that and neither can he, I am glad someone told him straight. Hope you had a really gorgeous evening on the new suite with your nibbles and OTL to cuddles and lets hope TM takes the camera out with her and "uses it". xxxx